Writers Strike for Fair Pay and Transparency

Writers Strike for Fair Pay and Transparency

A number of veteran writers joined the picket line outside the Fox lot in Century City recently to support the WGA strike. David E. Kelley, who has won 11 Emmys and received 30 nominations, is a veteran of multiple WGA strikes going back to 1988. Kelley, who has worked on popular shows such as Big Little Lies, Ally McBeal, and Boston Legal, said that this strike is more important than any other. He stated that this is a unique time, particularly when it comes to sharing data, and that the lack of transparency from one side indicates that there is more at play than meets the eye.

Cobra Kai Creators Support the Strike

The creators of Cobra Kai, Hayden Schlossberg, Josh Heald, and Jon Hurwitz, are also showing their support for the strike. The team stated that they are not currently filming due to the strike, and that they were supposed to start production the day before the strike began in Atlanta. They said that there is a good reason for the strike, and that it is about the future of writing careers and ensuring that writers are paid fairly for their work. They also mentioned the threat of automation and the potential impact on writers. The team brought pretzels along with them to the picket line.

Elsewhere, the “Star Trek family” from past and present shows gathered at the Paramount lot in Hollywood and Netflix offices in New York to push for a new contract. Representative Adam Schiff of California also showed up at the picket line outside Paramount to support the writers.

Drew Carey has offered striking writers free food at a couple of L.A. area eateries for the duration of the strike, but writers must bring their WGA card to claim the offer.

The Schmigadoon! cast set their words about the strike to music, joining the call for fair pay for writers. Writer and WGA captain Chandra Thomas thanked some former BU Terriers for their support on the line, while Scabby, the inflatable rat, loomed large at the Netflix HQ picket line.

Overall, the strike is about ensuring that writers are paid fairly for their work and that there is transparency around the use of data. Writers are standing together to ensure that their work is valued and respected, and that they can continue to create compelling stories for audiences around the world.


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