Writers Guild of America Will Strike If Necessary

Writers Guild of America Will Strike If Necessary

The Writers Guild of America (WGA) may go on strike if they don’t receive fair pay and protections for their work, according to Raphael Bob-Waksberg, a WGA West board member and creator of the show BoJack Horseman. The WGA is in the final week of negotiations with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers before the May 1 expiration of their current contract.

The Importance of Leverage

Bob-Waksberg stresses the importance of leverage in negotiations, saying that gains are won by standing firm at the bargaining table and going on strike if necessary. He notes that the WGA has a history of success in this area. Strikes got writers residuals, pension and health funds, and jurisdiction over the internet, or what we now call streaming.

The Benefits of Guild Coverage

Bob-Waksberg emphasizes the importance of guild coverage in protecting writers’ careers and livelihoods. Residuals from made-for-streaming projects are the single fastest growing category the guild collects. Residuals from the strike added up to $78 million in 2022. Without guild coverage, writers would not have guaranteed minimums, residuals, or contributions to their pension and health funds.

The Power of Solidarity

The WGA has shown its strength through solidarity, according to Bob-Waksberg. In the 2007-2008 strike, writers secured jurisdiction over the internet, which led to coverage for SAG-AFTRA and DGA members as well. In the 2017 negotiations, the WGA prevented major cuts in benefits and established a standard of span protection in their MBA, all without having to go on strike. The WGA has authorized a strike if necessary, with members voting 97.85% in favor.

In conclusion, the WGA is committed to negotiating a fair deal but will go on strike if necessary. Guild coverage is essential in protecting writers’ careers and livelihoods, and solidarity is key in achieving gains at the bargaining table.


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