Workers at Marvel Studios File for Unionization Election

Workers at Marvel Studios File for Unionization Election

Visual effects crews at Marvel Studios have taken a significant step in their fight for better rights and protections by filing for a unionization election with the National Labor Relations Board. With a supermajority of Marvel’s crew, which consists of over 50 workers, signing authorization cards, they are expressing their desire to be represented by the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (IATSE). This development marks a historic moment as it is the first time that visual effects professionals have come together to demand the same rights and benefits as their unionized colleagues in the film industry.

A Call for Equitable Treatment

For nearly half a century, workers in the visual effects industry have been denied the same protections and benefits that their coworkers in other departments have enjoyed since the early days of Hollywood. This disparity has created a divide within the industry, with VFX workers feeling undervalued and overlooked. However, they are now taking a stand and demanding respect for the work they do.

VFX coordinator Bella Huffman shed light on some of the issues that VFX workers face. She explained that they are not granted the same turnaround times, protected hours, and pay equity as other departments. This lack of equality has led to an unsustainable and unsafe working environment for those who have been in the industry for years, as well as for newcomers who deserve fair treatment. It is time for visual effects to become a department that prioritizes the well-being and professional growth of its workers.

The decision by Marvel Studios’ visual effects crews to seek union representation comes at a crucial moment in the film and television industry. The Writers Guild and SAG-AFTRA have been on strike since May 2 and July 14, respectively, fighting for their own rights and fair treatment. The solidarity displayed by entertainment workers across various sectors highlights a larger movement for change within the industry. Workers are standing up for each other’s rights, proving that they are all in this fight together.

By filing for a unionization election, the Marvel Studios visual effects crews are taking a significant step towards achieving a more equitable and fair industry. The representation provided by IATSE will give them a collective voice and the opportunity to negotiate for improved working conditions, fair wages, and benefits that they have long been denied.

IATSE President Matthew Loeb commended the workers for their courage and their commitment to the cause. He recognized that this wave of solidarity is breaking down old barriers in the industry and emphasized that entertainment workers’ support for each other’s rights is the foundation of their movement. The unionization efforts of the visual effects crews at Marvel Studios serve as an inspiration for others in the industry who aspire to create positive change.

This groundbreaking moment in the visual effects industry sets the stage for a future where all workers, regardless of their department, are treated with dignity and respect. It is a journey towards a more sustainable and inclusive industry that values its workforce. As the union election unfolds, the world will be watching, eager to see the progress and the impact that a united voice can make.


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