WGA Negotiations: Meet Ellen Stutzman, Chief Negotiator

WGA Negotiations: Meet Ellen Stutzman, Chief Negotiator

Ellen Stutzman, the chief negotiator for the striking Writers Guild of America, is in the middle of a tough negotiation process with the movie and television studios. On Wednesday, her parents and aunt showed their support for her and her union cohorts by marching outside Amazon’s offices in Manhattan. Stutzman’s parents, Fred and Anne Stutzman, and aunt, Mary Stutzman, joined the picket line alongside fellow marchers.

Early Life and Career

Ellen Stutzman grew up in upstate New York and discovered her passion for labor relations while studying at Cornell University’s School of Industrial Labor Relations in Ithaca. After graduation, she moved to Southern California, where she was hired by a health care workers’ union as a research analyst. In 2006, she started working for the Writers Guild of America in a similar role.


Stutzman played a key role in the battle against Hollywood’s powerful talent agencies over business practices that led thousands of WGA members to fire their agents. Her work on the dispute helped to bring the talent agencies to heel. In February, she was named the union’s chief negotiator, succeeding David Young. Stutzman’s parents are proud of her accomplishments and her expanded role in negotiating with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers.


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