Used Vehicle Prices Decrease for the First Time in 2022

Used Vehicle Prices Decrease for the First Time in 2022

The wholesale prices of used vehicles in the United States have decreased for the first time this year, according to a report by Cox Automotive. The company’s Manheim Used Vehicle Value Index revealed a 3% dip from March to April, indicating a decline in demand. However, the index remains high compared to historical figures. It is still up by 5.2% from December 2021 but has decreased by 4.4% from April 2022. The index tracks vehicles sold at wholesale auctions in the U.S.

Automakers have ramped up production of new cars and trucks, leading to the drop in wholesale prices of used vehicles. The rise in production has been prompted by the easing of supply chain issues and the end of the coronavirus pandemic.

Low Supply of New Vehicles and High Demand for Used Ones Led to Price Increases

The pandemic and supply chain issues had led to a low supply of new vehicles, prompting consumers to buy used ones. The demand for used vehicles led to increased prices, making it difficult for many consumers to purchase cars. The average listed price of a used vehicle was $26,086 in February, according to Cox Automotive, down slightly from January.

Further Price Declines Could Benefit Consumers

The decline in wholesale prices of used vehicles could lead to a drop in retail prices, benefiting consumers. However, the tight supply of vehicles might provide some price support, according to Charlie Chesbrough, Cox senior economist. Used vehicle prices have been a point of interest for investors and the Biden administration as a barometer for easing inflation. The administration had earlier blamed the rising inflation rates in the country on the used vehicle market.

In conclusion, the decline in wholesale prices of used vehicles could indicate a positive development for consumers who have been struggling with high prices. However, the tight supply of vehicles could limit the extent of the drop in prices. Investors and the Biden administration will keep a close watch on the used vehicle market as an indicator of inflation rates in the country.


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