UK Home Secretary Accused of Dodging Speeding Fine

UK Home Secretary Accused of Dodging Speeding Fine

UK Home Secretary, Suella Braverman, is facing accusations of asking civil servants to help her evade a speeding fine. The incident has led to accusations of a cover-up and breaking the ministerial code. This article will explore the allegations against Braverman, and the potential consequences she may face.

What Happened?

Braverman allegedly asked civil servants to arrange a private, one-to-one speed awareness course, rather than pay the fine or attend a group session. The request was denied by officials, and the Cabinet Office supported their decision. Braverman’s allies have not disputed the story, but have claimed she would have had to take her protection team if she had attended in person.

The Sunday Times suggested that Braverman did not want to attend a group session due to the inevitable publicity that would follow, and because she was worried about her insurance premiums increasing. However, opponents have claimed that this is an example of “one rule for her and another for everyone else.”

Potential Consequences

The incident has led to calls for an ethics probe by Sir Laurie Magnus, the City grandee appointed by Rishi Sunak as his adviser on the ministerial code. Braverman’s Brexiteer allies have claimed that this is an attempt by the civil service to bring down another cabinet minister, similar to the ousting of Dominic Raab over bullying allegations.

The Home Office eventually issued a statement, six hours after The Sunday Times published the story on its website, which stated that Braverman had accepted that she was speeding and had paid the fine and taken the points last year.

As the Commons sits again on Monday, Braverman will face questions about the incident. The allegations have already led to a plunge in her personal approval rating in a YouGov poll. It remains to be seen whether the belated mea culpa will be enough to draw a line under the issue and prevent a full-blown ethics investigation.

Suella Braverman’s request for a private speed awareness course has led to accusations of a cover-up and breaking the ministerial code. The incident has raised concerns about the conduct of ministers and the role of the civil service. As the Home Secretary faces questions in the Commons, the future remains uncertain.


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