U.S. News & World Report Announces Changes to “Best Hospitals” Rankings

U.S. News & World Report Announces Changes to “Best Hospitals” Rankings

U.S. News & World Report recently unveiled its highly anticipated annual “Best Hospitals” rankings, but this year, there was a notable change. The prestigious Honor Roll, which typically features a first-place hospital, no longer ranks hospitals in a specific order. Instead, the hospitals are listed alphabetically. U.S. News explained that while they recognize the value of the Honor Roll in identifying clinical excellence, they believe the previous ranking format overshadowed the fact that all hospitals on the list provide the highest standard of care nationwide. This decision has sparked mixed reactions from healthcare institutions across the country.

Mayo Clinic, which had held the top spot on the Honor Roll for an impressive seven consecutive years, expressed gratitude for being recognized as the nation’s leading hospital across multiple specialties. Gianrico Farrugia, MD, President and CEO of Mayo Clinic, credited the dedicated staff for their unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional care. Similarly, NYU Langone Health, consistently ranked highly on the Honor Roll, acknowledged the organization’s achievements but voiced concerns over the lack of numeric rankings for top-performing hospitals and major regional markets. Maintaining that patients deserve access to comprehensive data, NYU Langone Health emphasized the importance of transparency in healthcare rankings.

U.S. News has consistently emphasized the significance of public access to high-quality healthcare information. Despite criticism surrounding the rankings, the publication stresses that patients should have the necessary resources to identify superior care options. However, some healthcare systems have chosen to distance themselves from the rankings. The University of Pennsylvania Health System recently announced their decision to no longer participate actively in the “Best Hospitals” rankings. CEO Kevin Mahoney expressed concerns about the methodology, which fails to account for various care settings, innovation, and research, all of which are central to Penn Medicine’s mission.

Pushback and Controversy

Other hospitals, including St. Luke’s University Health Network, and San Francisco City Attorney David Chiu, have also raised concerns about the rankings. St. Luke’s announced that it will no longer respond to data requests from U.S. News, while Chiu called for greater transparency regarding the payments U.S. News receives from endorsed hospitals. In response, U.S. News disputed these claims and emphasized their commitment to providing accurate and valuable healthcare information.

Alongside the removal of ordinal rankings from the Honor Roll, U.S. News introduced several modifications to this year’s rankings. Outpatient outcomes were incorporated into specific specialty and surgical ratings, and more outpatient data were included. Additionally, a stronger emphasis was placed on objective quality measures, while the weight given to expert opinion was reduced. U.S. News aims to continually improve the rankings and ensure they remain a helpful resource for patients seeking high-quality care.

U.S. News & World Report’s decision to eliminate the first-place ranking in the Honor Roll of “Best Hospitals” marks a significant change in the publication’s approach. The move reflects the belief that all hospitals on the Honor Roll provide exceptional care, regardless of their position on the list. Despite varying opinions and criticisms, U.S. News emphasizes the importance of public access to reliable healthcare information. As the healthcare landscape continues to evolve, these rankings aim to assist patients in making informed decisions about their care options.


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