Tucker Carlson Shares His Views on U.S. Politics After Leaving Fox News

Tucker Carlson Shares His Views on U.S. Politics After Leaving Fox News

Tucker Carlson has finally spoken out, two days after his departure from Fox News. However, in a video posted on Twitter, the former primetime host did not comment on his firing or reveal his next move. Instead, Carlson shared his perspective on the current U.S. political climate and cable news discussions.

According to Carlson, taking time off has made him realize the stupidity and irrelevance of the debates on television. He believes that these discussions are meaningless and will be forgotten in the next five years. Carlson speaks from experience, having participated in these debates himself.

On Monday, Fox News announced Carlson’s firing, stating that his last show aired on Friday. Neither Carlson nor his attorney, Bryan Freedman, have given any comments since then. Fox News representatives have also refrained from providing further information.

Carlson’s departure from Fox Corp.’s cable-TV network, which boasts the highest cable news ratings, followed the company’s $787.5 million settlement with Dominion Voting Systems. Fox and Dominion resolved the defamation lawsuit just as it was about to go to trial. The lawsuit accused Fox of airing false claims that the voting machine maker helped rig the 2020 election in favor of Joe Biden.

Although the Dominion lawsuit was unlikely to have a significant impact on Fox’s bottom line, the implications of what was uncovered in discovery and what could be revealed later were a cause for concern. Carlson was a significant ratings draw for the network.

Media reports have emerged since Monday that private messages from Carlson, discovered during the Dominion lawsuit’s discovery process, played a role in his firing. The Wall Street Journal reported that vulgar private messages about Carlson’s colleagues led Fox leadership to let him go. According to The New York Times, Fox executives discovered the messages on the eve of the trial.


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