Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen Praises IRS Initiative to Reduce Federal Deficit

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen Praises IRS Initiative to Reduce Federal Deficit

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen has commended a new initiative by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) that is expected to reduce the federal deficit by $2.6 trillion over the next decade. This initiative is an extension of the Biden administration’s plan to reduce the deficit by $1 trillion through the Inflation Reduction Act. The IRS program focuses on implementing “paperless processing” to alleviate the burden of handling approximately 200 million paper documents received annually, which currently incurs storage costs of around $40 million per year. By allowing taxpayers to digitally submit their documents, the IRS aims to streamline its operations and save significant resources.

Unlocking System Improvements and Enhancing Tax Processing

According to Yellen, the paperless processing program is a crucial step toward unlocking other system improvements within the IRS. It is anticipated to reduce errors in tax processing and provide secure data access for taxpayers. This move aligns with the Biden administration’s goals of modernizing and enhancing government services. Yellen emphasizes the need for Congress to allocate stable and sufficient annual appropriations to ensure the IRS can sustain and build on this progress. By investing in technological advancements and providing the necessary resources, the IRS can continue to improve its efficiency and effectiveness.

Biden Administration’s Efforts to Close the Tax Gap

In addition to praising the paperless processing initiative, Secretary Yellen applauds the Biden administration’s efforts to address the significant tax gap that may have reached $7 trillion over the next ten years if left unchecked. The IRS has made it a priority to hire additional staff dedicated to auditing large corporations, complex business partnerships, and high-net-worth individuals. These audits, compared to simpler ones, are more time-consuming, with the process taking up to 50 times longer. Despite the challenges, the IRS has already successfully recovered approximately $38 million from around 175 delinquent tax cases involving millionaires.

Achievements and Recognition for Dedicated Federal Employees

Secretary Yellen commends the achievements and milestones already reached by the IRS, emphasizing that they exemplify the capabilities of dedicated federal employees when provided with the necessary tools and resources. The success of initiatives such as paperless processing and efforts to close the tax gap highlights the importance of investing in government agencies like the IRS. By supporting these institutions, the federal government can effectively enhance revenue collection, reduce the deficit, and ensure fair tax compliance among businesses and individuals.

The IRS’s new paperless processing program, praised by Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, is expected to play a crucial role in reducing the federal deficit by $2.6 trillion over the next decade. This initiative, part of the Biden administration’s broader efforts to address the tax gap, aims to streamline operations, reduce errors, and provide secure access to taxpayer data. Secretary Yellen’s remarks underscore the need for continued investment in the IRS and federal employees to sustain and build upon these improvements.


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