Tom Hanks Discusses the Possibility of Using AI Technology to Continue Acting After His Death

Tom Hanks Discusses the Possibility of Using AI Technology to Continue Acting After His Death

Tom Hanks recently spoke about the potential for AI technology to allow him to continue appearing in new films even after his death. During an interview on The Adam Buxton Podcast, Hanks discussed the possibility of creating a series of seven movies that would star him in his current age and also at the age of 32, until the end of time. According to Hanks, this is a “bona fide possibility” thanks to the advancements in AI and deep fake technology.

Recreating Actors and Performances

Hanks explained that AI technology can recreate people at any age, and that this technology could be used to recreate his performances long after he is gone. He stated that it’s possible that his performances could live on indefinitely, even if he were to pass away tomorrow. The use of AI and deep fake technology could create lifelike quality that would make it difficult to distinguish between the real Tom Hanks and the AI-generated version of him.

The Future of AI in Film

Hanks also pondered whether audiences would even care if AI was used in films. As the technology continues to improve, Hollywood agents are already drawing up contracts to protect actors’ intellectual property. Hanks stated that there are discussions happening in all of the guilds, agencies, and legal firms to come up with the legal ramifications of actors’ faces and voices being used as intellectual property.

AI Technology in Current Projects

Hanks has recently reteamed with Forrest Gump director Robert Zemeckis for the movie Here, and it is likely that AI technology will be used to de-age him for the role. This is just one example of how AI technology is being used in film today. As the technology continues to advance, it is possible that we will see more and more actors and performances being recreated through the use of AI and deep fake technology.

In conclusion, the use of AI technology to recreate actors and performances raises many questions about the future of film. While it is exciting to think that actors could continue to appear in new films after they have passed away, it also brings up concerns about the use of actors’ intellectual property and the ethical implications of using AI to create lifelike performances. As the technology continues to evolve, it is important that these questions are addressed and that proper measures are taken to protect the rights of actors and their estates.


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