The Urgent Need for Action in the UK Film and TV Industry

The Urgent Need for Action in the UK Film and TV Industry

The broadcasting union Bectu has called for urgent and joined-up action from the UK government in response to the current state of the film and TV industry. Bectu’s Philippa Childs criticized the culture secretary for referring to the industry as “booming” and demanded a summit to address the crisis.

Rising Concerns Among Freelancers

A recent survey conducted by Bectu revealed alarming statistics about the state of freelancers in the UK film and TV industry. 68% of freelancers are currently not working, and 37% of them are considering leaving the industry within five years. The pandemic exacerbated the vulnerability of the workforce, with many freelancers falling through the gaps of government support schemes.

Challenges Faced by the Industry

The industry is facing challenges such as a hangover from the US labor strikes, an advertising recession, and buyers opting for a ‘fewer bigger better’ approach. Freelancers are struggling to find work, and the ongoing crisis has reached an all-time low.

Call for Immediate Action

Philippa Childs emphasized the need for urgent and joined-up action from all stakeholders in the industry, including broadcasters, industry stakeholders, and the government. The future of the UK’s film and TV industry, a globally revered sector and economic heavyweight, depends on addressing the current crisis.

Childs criticized the culture secretary for downplaying the severity of the crisis by stating that the creative industries are booming. She highlighted the discrepancy between the government’s rhetoric and the grim reality faced by thousands of industry workers.

In response to the mounting challenges, Bectu has called for an industry-wide summit to bring together key stakeholders to discuss the crisis and explore possible solutions. It is crucial for the workforce, who are the backbone of the industry’s success, to have a seat at the table and be involved in decision-making processes.

The current state of the UK film and TV industry demands immediate and collaborative action to address the pressing issues faced by freelancers and industry professionals. By working together and prioritizing the needs of the workforce, the industry can navigate through these challenging times and emerge stronger in the post-pandemic landscape.


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