The Unfortunate Departure: Guillermo del Toro and the Pacific Rim Sequel

The Unfortunate Departure: Guillermo del Toro and the Pacific Rim Sequel

Guillermo del Toro, the acclaimed director behind the 2013 film Pacific Rim, recently opened up about his decision not to direct the sequel. Despite his initial involvement in the project, del Toro ultimately had to step aside due to unforeseen circumstances. In an interview with Collider, del Toro revealed that the sound stages he had intended to shoot at were unavailable, forcing him to relinquish his directorial duties. What could have been a continuation of his creative vision turned into an unfortunate missed opportunity.

Del Toro expressed his disappointment in not being able to helm the Pacific Rim sequel, citing his desire to explore and expand upon the themes he had established in the first film. It was clear that he had a vision for the franchise’s future, but circumstances beyond his control forced him to make a difficult decision. With the deadline looming and the stages in Toronto being at risk, del Toro found himself at a crossroads. The production company had to secure the stages by 5 p.m., and when that fateful hour came and went without any resolution, del Toro knew he had to make a choice. He had to prioritize his commitments and decided to focus on his upcoming film, The Shape of Water.

Del Toro’s decision to pass on the Pacific Rim sequel led to him directing The Shape of Water instead. This choice proved to be fortuitous as The Shape of Water went on to receive critical acclaim and ultimately won the Oscar for Best Picture in 2017. Del Toro himself was recognized for his exceptional directing skills, further solidifying his place in the world of cinema. While the disappointment of not directing the sequel may have lingered, the success of The Shape of Water demonstrated del Toro’s ability to create captivating and award-winning films.

Interestingly, del Toro has yet to watch the Pacific Rim sequel. He explained that seeing the final product would be akin to watching home movies of his ex-wife, a bittersweet experience that could potentially be both good and bad. Del Toro’s decision to stay away from the sequel can be seen as a personal choice driven by his desire to protect his creative vision. By not watching the film, del Toro preserves the unique perspective he had hoped to bring to the franchise.

The Pacific Rim sequel, titled Pacific Rim: Uprising, was released in 2018 with Steven S. DeKnight taking over the directorial reins. Del Toro, however, remained attached to the project as a producer. Despite the divergence from his initial directorial vision, del Toro’s influence can still be felt in the film. The sequel may have taken a different direction, but his initial ideas and contributions undoubtedly left an indelible mark on the franchise.

In the end, del Toro’s departure from the Pacific Rim sequel was an unfortunate turn of events. The unforeseen unavailability of the desired sound stages forced him to relinquish his role as director. However, his subsequent success with The Shape of Water proves that even missed opportunities can lead to new and remarkable achievements. Guillermo del Toro’s unique perspective continues to shape the film industry and captivate audiences worldwide.


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