The Trouble with MLB Uniforms: Players’ Concerns

The Trouble with MLB Uniforms: Players’ Concerns

As the MLB season approaches, players are expressing dissatisfaction with the new uniforms set to be used this year. From see-through pants to concerns about the fit and color, the Major League Baseball Players Association is actively seeking feedback from its members to address these issues before Opening Day.

The Nike-generated, Fanatics-produced uniforms, referred to as “performance jerseys” by commissioner Rob Manfred, have been met with mixed reviews. While some players appreciate the lighter feel of the fabric, many are critical of the overall look and design. The challenge of incorporating larger numbers and letters on the jerseys due to the lighter material has resulted in complaints about the amateurish appearance of the back of the jerseys.

One of the most significant issues players have raised is the see-through quality of the eggshell-colored pants. The fabric, which remains the same as last year, is causing discomfort among players who feel exposed while wearing them. Additionally, the fit of the uniforms has been called into question, with concerns about sizing, waist, in-seam, thigh fit, and the bottom of the pants. These fit issues have led to some players resorting to alternative sources for spare pants, such as Dick’s Sporting Goods.

MLBPA executive director Tony Clark has been visiting multiple spring camps in Arizona to gather feedback from players. He has found that each camp has its unique set of issues, with some concerned about supply chain problems and others focusing on specific fit adjustments. Despite these challenges, both the league and uniform partners are working to address players’ complaints by making adjustments to the uniforms based on their feedback.

While efforts are being made to address the concerns raised by players, the MLBPA remains committed to listening to its members and finding solutions before the start of the season. Clark emphasized the importance of ongoing dialogue with all parties involved to determine the best course of action moving forward. Whether it’s adjusting jersey sizes, waist measurements, or pant bottoms, the goal is to ensure that players feel comfortable and confident in their uniforms on Opening Day.

The issues surrounding the new MLB uniforms highlight the importance of player feedback and collaboration in creating attire that meets the needs and expectations of those wearing it. As the season approaches, the MLBPA and league officials will continue working together to address concerns and make necessary adjustments to ensure that players are satisfied with their uniforms.


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