The Tourist: Pablo Trapero Set to Direct Film Adaptation

The Tourist: Pablo Trapero Set to Direct Film Adaptation

Pablo Trapero, known for his work on acclaimed shows such as ZeroZeroZero and Echo 3, is stepping into the world of major studio filmmaking. 20th Century has selected him to direct the highly anticipated adaptation of The Tourist. This marks Trapero’s first foray into a major studio project, and he is set to bring his unique vision and storytelling style to the film.

The Tourist is based on the popular series of books by Olen Steinhauer, with the first installment hitting shelves in 2009 and quickly becoming a New York Times Best-Seller. The story revolves around Milo Weaver, an agent in the CIA’s secret branch known as “The Tourists,” specializing in covert operations. The series has spawned three sequels and has garnered significant attention from Hollywood, with actors like George Clooney expressing interest in the rights.

For 20th Century, The Tourist represents a potential franchise with Trapero at the helm. The director’s previous work on ZeroZeroZero and Echo 3 has received critical acclaim, particularly for their intense action sequences centered around special operations scenarios. With Trapero’s track record in delivering gripping and captivating narratives, the studio is confident in his ability to bring The Tourist to life and establish it as a successful film series.

A Director with a Stellar Reputation

Pablo Trapero’s career in the film industry has been marked by numerous accolades and successes. His first feature film, Mundo Grua, won the Critics Prize at the 1999 Venice International Film Festival, setting the stage for his future projects. Since then, Trapero has written, directed, and produced a string of critically acclaimed and commercially successful films, premiering at renowned festivals such as Cannes, Toronto, and Venice.

One of Trapero’s notable films is El Clan, released in 2015. It achieved both critical and commercial success in Argentina, breaking records for the largest opening weekend box office of all time. The film went on to receive the Silver Lion for Best Director at the Venice Film Festival, further solidifying Trapero’s standing in the industry.

Recent Successes

In 2019, Trapero directed the climactic episodes of ZeroZeroZero, a crime series praised for its gripping storyline and stellar performances by Andrea Riseborough and Dane DeHaan. The series debuted on Amazon Prime and received widespread acclaim. Trapero’s most recent project is the Apple+ series Echo 3, where he served as lead director and executive producer. Starring Luke Evans, Michiel Huisman, Jessica Ann Collins, and Martina Gusmán, the series premiered in 2022 to positive reviews.

Pablo Trapero’s selection to direct the film adaptation of The Tourist marks a significant milestone in his career. His proven talent in delivering compelling narratives and creating tension-filled action scenes makes him the perfect choice to bring Milo Weaver’s thrilling world to the big screen. With Trapero’s track record of critical and commercial success, audiences can anticipate a captivating and memorable cinematic experience when The Tourist hits theaters.


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