The Texas Longhorns Make a Splash in the College Football Poll

The Texas Longhorns Make a Splash in the College Football Poll

In a surprising turn of events, the Texas Longhorns have soared up the ranks in The Associated Press college football poll. After defeating Alabama, one of the top teams in the country, the Longhorns have jumped an impressive seven spots to secure the No. 4 position. This victory marks a significant moment for the team, as it is their biggest regular-season win in years. The Longhorns received two first-place votes, showing that their performance did not go unnoticed by the voters. This elevation in the rankings also places them in the top five for the first time since 2010, giving them their highest ranking since their appearance in the BCS Championship Game in 2009.

On the other hand, this loss has sent shockwaves through Alabama’s camp. The Crimson Tide, typically a top-ranked team, have fallen to the No. 10 spot. This is their lowest ranking since November of last year. The defeat at the hands of Texas was particularly stinging, as it marked the first time that Alabama was beaten by double digits on their home field under coach Nick Saban. However, it’s important to note that Alabama’s track record speaks for itself. Their streak of top-10 rankings, which dates back to the 2015 season, is an impressive 128, making it the second-longest streak in AP poll history.

In addition to Texas’ rise, the Pac-12 conference has made history by placing eight teams in the AP Top 25. This achievement makes them only the second conference to accomplish such a feat, with the SEC being the first. The Pac-12’s strong showing is a testament to the talent and competitiveness within the conference. Washington leads the pack at No. 8, followed by Utah at No. 12, and Oregon at No. 13. Oregon State, ranked No. 16, and Colorado, ranked No. 18, have also made notable jumps in the rankings. It’s important to note that the Pac-12 is currently in its last season with its current membership, as 10 of its schools are set to depart for other leagues in 2024.

While the Pac-12 has reached new heights in terms of rankings, the future of the conference remains uncertain. Only Oregon State and Washington State have expressed their commitment to the conference beyond this school year. However, both schools are hopeful that the Pac-12 can maintain its Power Five status. Washington State, in particular, made a strong case for their inclusion by defeating Wisconsin on Saturday night. Cougars coach Jake Dickert emphasized their belief that they belong in the Power Five, a sentiment echoed by the team and their fans.

This week’s rankings also saw the arrival of new teams, namely UCLA and Washington State. UCLA’s inclusion in the rankings marks their return after being absent since September of 2017. Washington State’s victory over Wisconsin propelled them back into the rankings as well. On the other hand, Texas A&M, Wisconsin, and Tulane all dropped out of the top 25 following losses in their recent matchups. Clemson, despite a strong history of appearances in the rankings, also slipped out after suffering an opening loss to Duke.

The current rankings reflect the dominance of the Power Five conferences in college football. With the exclusion of Tulane, no teams from conferences outside the Power Five are currently ranked. This occurrence is relatively rare, as it only happened less than a year ago. However, it’s important to note that even without representation in the current poll, Group of Five conference teams have been able to finish the season ranked in the past. The Pac-12 leads the way with eight ranked teams, followed by the SEC with five, the ACC and Big Ten with four each, and the Big 12 with three.

The Texas Longhorns’ impressive victory over Alabama has propelled them into the top five of the AP college football poll. This win marks a significant milestone for the team and has garnered attention from voters. Meanwhile, the Pac-12 conference has achieved a historic feat by placing eight teams in the rankings, solidifying their competitive prowess. However, the uncertain future of the conference raises questions about its ability to maintain its Power Five status. As the season continues, it will be interesting to see how these rankings evolve and which teams will rise to the top.


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