The Rising Cost of Hospital Parking in England

The Rising Cost of Hospital Parking in England

The cost of parking a car at hospitals in England has surged by a staggering 50% within just one year, according to recent data. In the 2022/23 period, visitors and patients had to pay a whopping £146 million for parking, equivalent to approximately £400,000 per day. These figures, originally brought to light by the Liberal Democrats, highlight a significant increase from the previous year when the amount reached £96.7 million. Moreover, the current parking expenses are three times higher than they were two years ago. This remarkable rise in parking fees also affects hospital staff, as their expenses rose over eight-fold, shooting up from £5.6 million in 2021/22 to £46.7 million in 2022/23. The Liberal Democrats argue that such exorbitant charges are a form of “tax on caring” and criticize the government for failing to honor their 2019 manifesto, which aimed to eliminate unfair parking charges by making parking free for the most vulnerable individuals.

The surge in parking costs places an immense burden on nursing staff and support workers who already earn low wages. Patricia Marquis, the Royal College of Nursing’s director for England, aptly expresses her concern, stating that the steep increase in parking charges eats away a significant portion of their meager income. The government and the National Health Service (NHS) should urgently reconsider this issue, as it is wholly unfair to penalize nursing staff for simply carrying out their essential duties.

According to the current NHS guidance, updated in March 2022, certain groups, including disabled individuals, frequent outpatient attenders, parents of sick children staying overnight, and night shift staff, are entitled to free parking. However, NHS Trusts are urged to ensure that parking fees are reasonable for the specific area, albeit on a voluntary basis. While these measures aim to address the issue, the soaring parking costs indicate that they have not been sufficient.

The Health Foundation think tank reveals that NHS England’s budget this year is nearly £3.5 billion lower than the previous year due to high inflation. The Liberal Democrats caution that without adequate funding for local health services, the prices of car park fees will continue to skyrocket. Daisy Cooper, the Lib Dem health and social care spokesperson, criticizes Rishi Sunak, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, for slashing NHS funding while hospitals already face financial instability. Cooper emphasizes the negative impact of Conservative policies on both personal finances and public health, urging voters to reconsider their support.

In response to the escalating parking fees, the Liberal Democrats have proposed a collaborative solution. They urge Rishi Sunak to work with NHS Trusts to lower fees for both patients and staff by introducing a “visiting and caring fund.” This funding initiative aims to ensure that no one is burdened with exorbitant charges when visiting their loved ones in the hospital. While the Conservative Party asserts that they have fulfilled their promise to end unfair charges for those in greatest need according to their manifesto, the rising parking costs indicate that further action is necessary.

The alarming surge in parking fees at hospitals in England imposes a heavy financial burden on patients, visitors, and healthcare professionals alike. The exorbitant charges have prompted the Liberal Democrats to criticize the government for breaking their promise to eliminate unfair parking fees. Moreover, the current NHS guidance and voluntary fees have not prevented the significant increase in parking costs. With funding shortfalls and budget cuts exacerbating the situation, urgent action is necessary to alleviate the strain on individuals who depend on hospitals.


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