The Release of HarmonyOS Next: What to Expect

The Release of HarmonyOS Next: What to Expect

Amidst the ongoing tech rivalry between Western giant Google and Chinese telecommunications company Huawei, the highly anticipated HarmonyOS Next is reportedly nearing its release. This next-generation operating system, exclusively designed for Huawei devices, is said to have its native application prepared for deployment. A departure from Google’s Android Open Source Project (AOSP) code, HarmonyOS Next is built upon Huawei’s own kernel and system, ultimately eliminating support for Android apps. In this article, we will delve into the details of HarmonyOS Next and discuss its potential impact on the Huawei ecosystem.

In response to the recent surge in HarmonyOS 4 installations, Huawei revealed HarmonyOS Next as a standalone version of its mobile operating system during its developmental stages earlier this year. However, unlike HarmonyOS 4, this new iteration will ditch Google’s Android libraries, effectively terminating compatibility with Android apps. According to a report by Pandaily, not only will users be unable to install Android apps from official sources, but sideloading APK files will also be fruitless. Instead, HarmonyOS Next will exclusively support the company’s proprietary HAP format.

Developers Rush to Adapt

The impending eradication of Android app support on Huawei devices has prompted Chinese companies to prepare for this forthcoming change. Prominent organizations like Meituan, NetEase,, and others have already begun recruiting HarmonyOS app developers through platforms such as and Maimai. These firms aim to ensure that Huawei smartphone users can continue to access their services seamlessly even without Android apps. The transition to HarmonyOS Next has evidently caught the attention of China’s “Big Tech” players, emphasizing the significance of the Huawei ecosystem within the country.

Although Huawei has not disclosed a specific release timeline for HarmonyOS Next, speculations suggest that a developer preview will be available in the first quarter of 2024. This preview will likely grant developers a glimpse of the new operating system’s capabilities and enable them to optimize their apps for the upcoming shift in the Huawei ecosystem. As the release approaches, it is expected that Huawei will provide further insights into the features and enhancements of HarmonyOS Next.

The imminent launch of HarmonyOS Next marks a significant milestone for Huawei and its loyal user base. With the discontinuation of Android app support, Huawei is venturing into uncharted territory and taking a bold step towards establishing its own independent ecosystem. As Chinese firms actively seek harmony with HarmonyOS by hiring app developers, the stage is set for a potential revolution in the way Huawei devices function. While there are still lingering questions regarding the overall user experience and app availability, Huawei users can look forward to exploring the possibilities and advancements that HarmonyOS Next will bring. As the developer preview approaches, it is essential to stay tuned for further updates on the highly anticipated operating system.


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