The Pentagon Launches New Website for UFO Reports and UAP Disclosures

The Pentagon Launches New Website for UFO Reports and UAP Disclosures

The Pentagon has taken a significant step towards addressing the growing concerns surrounding unidentified anomalous phenomena (UAP) by launching a new website called The All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office’s website offers a platform for professionals to submit reports about UAPs and provides accessible information for the general public regarding the released reports. This move signifies the Pentagon’s increased attention and credibility given to the UAP issue.

Deputy Defense Secretary Kathleen Hicks has recently assumed direct oversight of AARO and its director, Sean Kirkpatrick. This change aims to expedite the development of AARO and the launch of its website. The Pentagon recognizes the importance of transparency in its work and acknowledges the need to share discoveries with Congress and the public, while safeguarding national defense and intelligence capabilities. This commitment to transparency is a significant step forward in establishing trust and credibility regarding UAP disclosures. seeks to become a comprehensive resource, offering a one-stop shop for all publicly available information related to UAP and AARO. The website currently provides eight videos showcasing UAPs, archives for congressional reports and briefings, press releases, and links to other relevant resources. This centralized platform will empower individuals to access reliable information and foster a better understanding of UAPs. is expected to become the secure channel through which current or former government employees, military personnel, and contractors can submit UAP reports. While the online form for contacting AARO is not yet available, the Defense Department has announced its plans to launch a secure reporting tool for authorized individuals this fall. This represents a significant step forward in streamlining the reporting process and ensuring that information is properly documented and analyzed.

In addition to reports from government personnel, AARO recognizes the importance of public involvement in UAP disclosures. While the mechanism for the general public to make reports is not yet in place, the Pentagon has stated that an announcement regarding public reporting will be made in the coming months. This move highlights a commitment to inclusivity and recognizing the value of civilian perspectives in understanding UAPs.

AARO categorizes UAPs into three distinct categories. The first category includes airborne objects that are not immediately identifiable. The second category encompasses transmedium objects or devices which display behavior and performance characteristics that are not readily understood by sensors or observers. The third category consists of submerged objects or devices that are not immediately identifiable, but suggest a potential relation to the objects in the first two categories. By incorporating these categories, AARO aims to classify and analyze UAPs more effectively.

The website does not explicitly mention the possibility of extraterrestrial origins for UAPs. Instead, the emphasis remains on identifying anomalous detections that are not attributable to known actors. This approach aligns with the concerns regarding potential intrusions by foreign adversaries such as Russia or China. The incident involving a Chinese spy balloon that traversed the United States before being intercepted by an Air Force fighter jet serves as a prime example of the potential threats that UAPs could pose.

The launch of marks a significant milestone in the Pentagon’s efforts to address UAPs and enhance transparency. Through the new website, professionals can submit reports, and the general public gains access to credible information. As the website continues to develop and the mechanisms for reporting are established, AARO aims to create a comprehensive repository of knowledge surrounding UAPs. By embracing public involvement and recognizing the potential threats posed by these unidentified phenomena, the Pentagon strives to bolster its credibility and understanding of UAPs in the interest of national security.


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