The Peloton-TikTok Partnership: A New Approach to Attract Customers

The Peloton-TikTok Partnership: A New Approach to Attract Customers

Peloton, a leading connected fitness company, has recently announced a partnership with TikTok in an effort to transform its public image and appeal to a wider range of customers. The collaboration aims to establish a new fitness hub on TikTok called “#TikTokFitness Powered by Peloton,” offering a variety of fitness videos, live classes, content from Peloton’s instructors, and collaborations with TikTok creators. The positive response to this news was evident as Peloton’s shares surged over 15% and closed about 14% higher.

This strategic partnership comes six months after Peloton’s rebranding as a fitness company “for all,” along with the introduction of a tiered pricing strategy for its app. These changes were implemented to position Peloton as more than just a bike company and attract individuals who may find its connected fitness equipment too expensive but are interested in a monthly subscription for its content. Oli Snoddy, Peloton’s vice president of consumer marketing, emphasized the goal of broadening Peloton’s appeal to diverse audiences, and acknowledged TikTok’s strength in reaching the younger generation.

In the immediate future, this partnership aims to build on Peloton’s successful rebranding efforts by boosting key performance indicators such as app downloads and conversions. However, Peloton also recognizes the importance of establishing a long-term strategy for sustainable growth and profitability. While the company experienced a surge in demand during the COVID-19 pandemic, with consumers seeking at-home fitness solutions, it faced a decline in sales when gyms reopened and the situation normalized.

Under the leadership of CEO Barry McCarthy, who assumed the position in February 2022, Peloton is actively working on optimizing its business operations to achieve long-term success. McCarthy’s focus is on increasing Peloton’s subscriber count and providing customers with alternative pathways to access Peloton equipment, such as a rental service and refurbished options. Despite these endeavors, Peloton has not yet generated profit from its existing member base. To address this, partnerships with companies like TikTok and Lululemon have become crucial.

A Global Reach

TikTok, a popular social media platform with over a billion users worldwide, offers Peloton the opportunity to connect with a diverse demographic ranging from 16 to 60 years old. Sofia Hernandez, TikTok’s global head of business marketing, emphasized the strength of the platform in reaching Peloton’s target audience. The partnership intends to extend beyond workout videos, offering exclusive “behind the scenes” content and giving TikTok users a glimpse into the world of Peloton and its instructors. Additionally, the collaboration seeks to promote both well-known and lesser-known Peloton instructors, expanding their reach and increasing their following.

Peloton is confident that its collaboration with TikTok will yield positive results. Oli Snoddy emphasized the transformative experience that Peloton offers, noting that once individuals try Peloton, they often become passionate advocates of the brand. With TikTok’s vast and engaged audience, the partnership aims to create an environment where users can witness the unique aspects of Peloton’s fitness offerings and develop a similar love and enthusiasm for the company’s products and instructors.

Peloton’s partnership with TikTok represents a strategic shift to reshape its public perception and attract a wider range of customers. By capitalizing on the reach and diversity of TikTok’s user base, Peloton aims to foster a sense of inclusivity and accessibility to its fitness content and instructors. With the company’s long-term goals in mind, this collaboration marks a significant step towards Peloton’s pursuit of sustained growth, profitability, and customer satisfaction.


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