The Oscars Finds a New Home on ITV: What Does This Mean for UK Viewers?

The Oscars Finds a New Home on ITV: What Does This Mean for UK Viewers?

ITV has recently struck a multi-year deal with Disney Entertainment to become the new home of the Oscars awards ceremony in the UK. Starting with the 96th Academy Awards in 2024, ITV will broadcast and stream the event on its network and streaming service, ITVX. This announcement comes after Sky, the previous broadcaster of the Oscars in the UK for two decades, was set to lose the rights to coverage. Now, ITV has emerged as the new player in town and has secured exclusive rights to bring the Oscars to viewers across the UK.

Under the new agreement, ITV will make future editions of the Oscars available across its platforms and programming. This includes ITV1 and ITVX, as well as ITVX social channels and news and magazine shows. By expanding the accessibility of the Oscars, ITV aims to further its commitment to films and cater to the interests of its diverse audience. In addition to the highly anticipated awards ceremony, ITV already offers a collection of over 250 feature films on ITVX at any given time, providing viewers with a wide range of entertainment options.

Darren Nartey, Senior Acquisitions Manager for ITV, expressed excitement about the partnership, stating, “We are thrilled to be able to exclusively bring the Oscars to film fans all across the UK, furthering and complementing our commitment to films across our network.” By securing the rights to this prestigious event, ITV aims to enhance its reputation as a leading destination for film-related content. The Oscars is not only a celebration of global cinema but also a platform to recognize the contributions of talented filmmakers from around the world. ITV’s support of this international awards show demonstrates its dedication to the art of filmmaking and its desire to engage with viewers who share a passion for movies.

Over the years, the Oscars ratings have been on a downward trend in the UK, mirroring the situation in the United States. Despite this decline, ITV remains optimistic about the future of the awards ceremony on its platform. The challenge for ITV will be to attract and retain a substantial number of viewers, considering the increasing competition from other streaming services and alternative sources of entertainment. The network will need to leverage its existing audience base and deliver engaging content around the Oscars to create a compelling viewing experience.

The CEO of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Bill Kramer, expressed his delight in partnering with ITV, saying, “We could not be happier to partner with ITV in bringing the Oscars to viewers throughout the UK.” This collaboration signifies a significant milestone for ITV, as it aligns itself with one of the most prestigious events in the film industry. It showcases ITV’s commitment to supporting and promoting the art of cinema, while also elevating its own brand as a broadcaster of high-quality content.

The new partnership between ITV and Disney Entertainment marks an exciting chapter for UK viewers. With ITV as the new home of the Oscars, film fans can look forward to exclusive coverage and expanded accessibility to this global celebration of cinema. While the declining ratings pose a challenge for ITV, the network’s dedication to films and its existing collection of feature films on ITVX position it as a promising platform for the Oscars. As the 96th Academy Awards approach, UK viewers will have the opportunity to experience the movie event of the year on ITV.


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