The Ordeal of Indian Passengers Stranded in France: A Human Trafficking Investigation

The Ordeal of Indian Passengers Stranded in France: A Human Trafficking Investigation

A charter plane carrying 303 passengers, mostly Indians, was grounded in France for a human trafficking investigation, turning their holiday plans into an exceptional ordeal. The unmarked Legend Airlines A340 plane, which had been en route from Fujairah airport in the United Arab Emirates to Managua, Nicaragua, made a stop in Vatry for refueling. Police received an anonymous tip suggesting that the plane could be carrying human trafficking victims, leading to the grounding of the aircraft.

Departure to India and Asylum Requests

After four days of being stranded, the passengers were finally able to depart for their originally intended destination. The regional administration confirmed that 276 of the original 303 passengers were en route to Mumbai, India. However, 25 passengers decided to request asylum in France. Those who remained were transferred to a special zone in Paris’ Charles de Gaulle airport for asylum-seekers.

Among the stranded passengers were a 21-month-old child and several unaccompanied minors. Initially, two passengers were detained as part of the human trafficking investigation, but they were later released after appearing before a judge. The judge granted them the status of “assisted witnesses,” allowing for further investigation before potential charges are brought against them. The aim of the original flight and the involvement of a potential organized criminal group assisting foreigners in entering or staying in a country illegally are still being determined.

French Authorities’ Response and Controversies

French authorities took swift action upon receiving the anonymous tip, grounding the plane and requisitioning the Vatry airport for days. Local officials, medics, and volunteers ensured the well-being of the stranded passengers, providing cots, meals, and showers. However, the handling of the situation and the passengers’ rights came under criticism during emergency hearings held at the airport. Lawyers representing the passengers raised concerns about potential overreaction by police and prosecutors. They argued that the passengers’ travel plans for a tourism trip to Nicaragua should have been taken into account.

Collaboration with the Indian Embassy and Departure from France

Despite the difficulties faced during the ordeal, the Indian Embassy expressed gratitude to French officials for their efforts in ensuring the safe return of the Indian passengers. French authorities worked through Christmas Eve and Christmas morning to resolve the formalities and allow the passengers to leave the country. According to Legend Airlines lawyer Liliana Bakayoko, some passengers expressed their reluctance to go to India as they had already paid for a tourism trip to Nicaragua.

The United States government has designated Nicaragua as one of the countries failing to meet minimum standards for eliminating human trafficking. The country has also been known as a migratory springboard for individuals fleeing poverty or conflict due to its relaxed or visa-free entry requirements for certain countries. This raises concerns about the potential involvement of human trafficking networks in the region.

The grounding of the charter plane carrying Indian passengers in France and the subsequent human trafficking investigation highlights the ongoing issues related to trafficking and illegal migration. The situation caused significant disruption and distress for the stranded passengers, raising questions about the effectiveness of law enforcement actions and the protection of individuals’ rights. As the investigation continues, it is crucial for authorities to determine the full extent of the alleged criminal activities and take appropriate actions to curb human trafficking.


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