The New York Jets’ Quarterback Situation: Evaluating the Addition of Trevor Siemian

The New York Jets’ Quarterback Situation: Evaluating the Addition of Trevor Siemian

In a desperate attempt to address their struggling quarterback situation, the New York Jets have signed veteran free agent Trevor Siemian to their practice squad. With the team currently facing intense pressure, it remains to be seen how Siemian’s arrival will impact the team’s performance. This article will examine the implications of this signing and analyze Siemian’s potential role within the Jets organization.

After being released by the Cincinnati Bengals during the preseason, the 31-year-old quarterback Trevor Siemian found himself joining Zach Wilson and Tim Boyle in the Jets’ quarterback room. With the rookie Wilson enduring a series of poor performances, head coach Robert Saleh remained steadfast in his support for the young signal-caller. However, Siemian’s signing provides the Jets with a viable option if Wilson continues to struggle and emphasizes the team’s urgency to address their quarterback woes.

Adding an intriguing subplot to the Jets’ search for a quarterback solution, former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick reached out to Jets general manager Joe Douglas in a letter dated September 21. Rapper J Cole shared this letter on his Instagram account, highlighting Kaepernick’s desire to play and the effort he continues to invest in his craft. Despite Kaepernick’s previous workouts with NFL teams, including the Las Vegas Raiders, the 33-year-old quarterback remains unsigned since his departure from the league in 2016. Although an interesting proposition, the Jets ultimately chose to pursue Siemian instead.

Trevor Siemian’s career record stands at 13-17, indicating a mixed bag of success and struggles. As the Denver Broncos’ full-time starter in 2016 and 2017, Siemian showcased his ability to lead a team from the helm. However, since his release by the Broncos, Siemian has remained largely relegated to the role of backup quarterback. His last victory as a starter dates back to 2017, and he has endured six consecutive losses since then, including one with the Jets in 2019. Furthermore, his performance against the Jets last season, while playing for the Chicago Bears, was underwhelming. Siemian completed only 14 of 25 passes for 179 yards, with one touchdown and one interception in a 31-10 loss.

During this summer’s preseason, Siemian competed for the Cincinnati Bengals’ backup quarterback position but ultimately lost out to Jake Browning. Siemian’s performance in preseason games was far from impressive, as he completed only 36 of 65 passes for 316 yards, with no touchdowns and two interceptions. These lackluster numbers raise concerns about Siemian’s ability to perform at a high level should he be called upon by the Jets.

Since the injury to Aaron Rodgers, the Jets have been linked to several available quarterbacks, including Carson Wentz, Matt Ryan, and Chad Henne. Although the team expressed interest in Henne due to his familiarity with offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett, the veteran quarterback declined the invitation. Meanwhile, the Jets reportedly rejected overtures from Wentz and Ryan, leaving Siemian as their chosen option.

The addition of Trevor Siemian to the New York Jets’ practice squad certainly introduces a level of intrigue to their ongoing quarterback dilemma. As the team continues to navigate through a challenging season, the pressure on Zach Wilson remains high. Whether Siemian will emerge as a reliable alternative or simply serve as a temporary solution remains uncertain. Nonetheless, the Jets have taken a proactive step in addressing their quarterback situation, and only time will tell if this move will yield positive results.


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