The Launch of PlayStation VR2 in India: An Exciting Milestone for Virtual Reality Enthusiasts

The Launch of PlayStation VR2 in India: An Exciting Milestone for Virtual Reality Enthusiasts

Virtual reality gaming has been gaining immense popularity in recent years, and Sony has been at the forefront with its PlayStation VR headset. After much anticipation, the PlayStation VR2 has finally landed in India, opening up a new world of immersive experiences for gamers in the country. In this article, we will explore the availability, features, and future prospects of the PlayStation VR2 in India.

The launch of the PlayStation VR2 in India marks a significant milestone for gamers in the country. However, despite its arrival, the availability of the VR headset is currently limited. Only Amazon and e2z Store have the headset in stock at the time of writing, and other major retailers are offering the option to pre-book or receive email notifications when they are ready.

In terms of pricing, the PlayStation VR2 comes at a cost of Rs. 57,990 for the visor and Sense controllers alone. Alternatively, gamers can opt for the Horizon Call of the Mountain bundle, priced at Rs. 61,999. The bundle includes the visor, controllers, and a voucher to download the game. Notably, Amazon is offering a limited-time 8 percent discount, bringing the price down to Rs. 54,990, the same cost as the Blu-ray-equipped PS5 console.

One of the exciting additions to the PlayStation VR2 catalogue is the Horizon spin-off game, called “Horizon Call of the Mountain.” In this game, players assume the role of Ryas, a former Shadow Carja warrior, who embarks on a journey to unravel a mystery in the central part of the Sundom. Using advanced tribal skills like archery and weapon crafting, players must conquer massive beast-like machines. Along the way, they will encounter the series protagonist, Aloy, and other familiar characters, adding depth and connection to the Horizon universe.

The PlayStation VR2 boasts impressive features that enhance the virtual reality gaming experience. The headset comes with a 4,000 x 2,040 OLED panel resolution, offering stunning visuals (2000 x 2040 per eye). With refresh rates of 90Hz or 120Hz, gamers can enjoy smooth navigation while playing their favorite titles.

The visor offers a 110-degree FOV, the same as its predecessor, allowing players to fully immerse themselves in the virtual world. Additionally, the headset features a see-through toggle, enabling wearers to see their surroundings without removing the visor. This convenient feature enhances safety and ensures users remain aware of their physical environment.

One notable advantage of the PlayStation VR2 is its simplified setup. Unlike other virtual reality systems, the PS VR2 does not require tracking cameras to be set up in the gaming room for height adjustments. This ease of use allows gamers to dive into virtual reality experiences more quickly and hassle-free.

The launch of the PlayStation VR2 is undoubtedly an exciting development for virtual reality enthusiasts in India. However, it is worth noting that some customers who pre-ordered the Spider-Man 2 Collector’s Edition, reportedly in June, have not received their orders. Sony India has yet to address this issue, leaving these customers in a state of uncertainty. It is essential for Sony to provide clarity and updates regarding the status of these orders to ensure a positive customer experience.

The arrival of the PlayStation VR2 in India opens up a world of immersive gaming experiences for enthusiasts. With its advanced features, simplified setup, and exciting game offerings like “Horizon Call of the Mountain,” the PlayStation VR2 is set to captivate gamers and take virtual reality to new heights. As availability expands across major retailers in India, more gamers will have the opportunity to embrace the thrilling world of virtual reality and enjoy a truly immersive gaming experience.


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