The Launch of iPhone 15 Series and its Impact on Indian Market

The Launch of iPhone 15 Series and its Impact on Indian Market

The highly anticipated iPhone 15 series is set to be launched on September 12 at the Apple Park in Cupertino, California. This article discusses the impact of the new iPhone lineup on the Indian market and the possible availability of the devices in India.

Launch Event and Global Availability

The ‘Wonderlust’ event, scheduled to start at 10 AM local time, will not only be held at the Apple Park but will also be live-streamed on and the Apple TV app. Apple enthusiasts from all around the world can witness the unveiling of the iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro, and iPhone 15 Pro Max.

Make in India Initiative

In recent years, the Indian government has been actively promoting electronics production in the country. To encourage mobile, laptop, and semiconductor manufacturers, several incentives have been provided. This move not only boosts the gross domestic production but also creates numerous job opportunities in the production and distribution sectors.

Domestic Availability

According to a report by the Economic Times, the iPhone 15 models manufactured under the Make in India scheme are expected to be available in the market around the same time as the global release. These units are produced at the Foxconn factory in Chennai, which is an Apple assembler.

Last year, the made-in-India units of the iPhone 14 were launched within 10 days of the global release. This year, Apple aims to further reduce the lag time or eliminate it altogether. The Chennai-based Foxconn manufacturing unit will primarily cater to the local Indian market before considering exports.

Government Restrictions

Recently, the Indian government imposed restrictions on the import of various electronic items, including laptops, tablets, and personal computers. Originally intended to take effect in the first week of August, the implementation has now been postponed by three months. From November 1, clearance for the import of certain electronic items will be required.

The availability of the latest iPhone models in India soon after the global launch is exciting news for Indian consumers. With the reduced lag time and the manufacturing being done locally, it is expected that the prices of the iPhone 15 series may be more competitive compared to previous models. This could make the devices more accessible to a wider range of consumers in the Indian market.

The launch of the iPhone 15 series is highly anticipated, and the Indian market is not exempt from this excitement. The Make in India initiative has played a significant role in ensuring that the new iPhone models will be available in India around the same time as the global release. The reduced lag time and possible competitive pricing are positive developments that will benefit Indian consumers. It will be interesting to see how the iPhone 15 series performs in the Indian market and the impact it has on the overall smartphone industry.


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