The Impact of Formula One on Las Vegas Hospitality Workers

The Impact of Formula One on Las Vegas Hospitality Workers

Las Vegas is renowned for its glitz and glamor, and when Formula One arrived in the city, it brought a level of excitement that rivaled even Monaco. However, what many people may not realize is that the presence of Formula One inadvertently empowered tens of thousands of hospitality workers, leading to improved wages and benefits. Just days before the F1’s opening ceremony on the famous Las Vegas Strip, the Culinary and Bartenders Union successfully finalized five-year contracts with major casino operators, including MGM Resorts, Caesars Entertainment, and Wynn Resorts. These contracts cover a total of 18 casinos in the heart of Sin City, thus ending a months-long standoff and averting a mass worker strike that could have disrupted the city during one of its busiest weekends.

The Best Contract Ever for Hospitality Workers

Union leaders are touting the recent contracts as “the best contract ever” for approximately 40,000 workers. These agreements include significant wage hikes, limits on workloads, recall rights, and even labor protections from AI technology. Ted Pappageorge, the Culinary Union Secretary-Treasurer and chief negotiator for the contracts, acknowledged that the addition of a Formula One race this year gave workers leverage in the negotiations. The union showcased the credible threat of a strike and demonstrated the unity of its workers, thus compelling the companies to make substantial concessions.

The presence of Formula One in Las Vegas provided the Culinary Union with a substantial amount of leverage during the negotiations. Union leaders crafted a strike pay plan and established picket lines along the Strip, urging Formula One ticket-holders to support workers by avoiding casinos and hotels involved in the labor standoff. The union threatened the largest hospitality worker strike in U.S. history, which would have severely disrupted operations and left a negative impression on the growing American fanbase. Furthermore, the Culinary Union recognized the significance of future events planned in Las Vegas, including conferences and the National Finals Rodeo. This awareness of the upcoming events enabled the union to extract further concessions from the casino operators.

Following the successful negotiation of the contracts, union members celebrated the newfound stability in the job market. They highlighted that when workers in a major gaming market have stability, they can provide for their families and showcase to the world what makes Las Vegas truly special. Additionally, the Culinary Union secured a separate agreement with Las Vegas Grand Prix and Liberty Media, the owner of Formula One, safeguarding the rights of workers in the newly constructed pit building to unionize and collectively negotiate a contract. As Formula One has committed to racing in Vegas for the next decade, this agreement ensures that workers’ rights will be protected.

Despite an initial setback with a loose drain cover damaging a Ferrari during the first practice session, the Formula One race weekend in Las Vegas was widely regarded as a success. The subsequent practice session, qualifying, and the main race provided fans with thrilling wheel-to-wheel battles and exciting moments. F1 insiders praised the event, reaffirming the city’s status as a top sporting and entertainment destination.

Praise from President Joe Biden

The labor agreement reached between the Culinary Union and the Las Vegas casino operators garnered praise from President Joe Biden. In a statement, he expressed his solidarity with the union and emphasized the importance of providing workers with a decent quality of life. As a candidate for President, Biden once stood shoulder-to-shoulder with Culinary Union members on the picket line, recognizing their role as the backbone of a city that brings joy to millions around the world. This endorsement from President Biden highlights the significance of the labor agreement and its potential impact on future political support.

The arrival of Formula One in Las Vegas not only brought excitement and entertainment to the city but also served as a catalyst for improved wages and benefits for hospitality workers. Through skillful negotiation and strategic leverage, the Culinary and Bartenders Union secured contracts that are hailed as the best in their history. This victory not only benefits the workers but also showcases Las Vegas as a premier destination for world-class events. The successful Formula One race weekend further underscores the city’s ability to host major sporting events and attract a global audience. As Las Vegas continues to evolve and thrive, it remains vital to prioritize the well-being and livelihood of the workers who contribute to its success.


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