The Future of Shazam: Zachary Levi Hints at More Installments and Collaborations

The Future of Shazam: Zachary Levi Hints at More Installments and Collaborations

Actor Zachary Levi, renowned for his portrayal of the superhero Shazam, recently expressed his enthusiasm to continue his journey in the Shazam! franchise. Despite the mixed reception of the forthcoming sequel, Fury of the Gods, Levi remains eager to delve further into the character’s narrative. In an interview with, he exclaims, “I would love to be able to do more iterations of it.” Additionally, Levi expressed interest in collaborating with Nathan Fillion’s Green Lantern, sparking intrigue among fans.

While the prospect of more Shazam! movies fills Levi with excitement, the notion of playing another DC character outside the franchise seems uncertain. When confronted with the possibility of embracing a different role within the DC universe, the actor appears skeptical. Levi references Sean Gunn, brother of DC Studios co-CEO James Gunn, who portrayed Weasel and Calendar Man in this year’s The Suicide Squad. Gunn’s involvement in the new DC Universe, taking on the role of villain Maxwell Lord, stands as a prime example of familial influence. Levi humorously quips, “Listen, when you’re the brother of the guy who runs DC, I guess you get to play who you want.”

Reflecting on his journey as Shazam, Levi expresses immense pride in both films of the franchise. He vouches for the quality of the original film, considering it to be a success, while highlighting that the sequel, in some respects, surpasses its predecessor. Levi confidently states, “I’m really proud of both films. I really think the second film was, in some respects, better than the first, and the first was really good. I’m really proud of both of them.” This pride illustrates the dedication and passion Levi has poured into his role as the superhero.

While Shazam! continues to be a vital part of Zachary Levi’s career, he is not limiting himself solely to the realm of superheroes. His upcoming film, Chicken Run: Dawn of the Nugget, scheduled for release on Netflix on December 15, showcases his versatility as an actor. This new project allows Levi to explore a different genre while captivating audiences with his talents outside the superhero realm. As Levi delves into diverse roles, his artistic growth and determination to explore new horizons remain evident.

Zachary Levi’s passion for the Shazam! franchise is unwavering, and he eagerly anticipates the opportunity to further develop his character. While the possibility of embodying another DC character currently seems uncertain, Levi’s pride in his portrayal of Shazam and his willingness to collaborate with fellow actors demonstrate his dedication to the superhero world. As his upcoming project, Chicken Run: Dawn of the Nugget, prepares to premiere, Levi’s artistic range continues to expand beyond the boundaries of the DC universe. Fans eagerly await his future endeavors, eagerly anticipating what the charismatic actor has in store.


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