The Evolution of Amazon’s Retail Strategy: Closing Apparel Stores, Focusing on Online Experience

The Evolution of Amazon’s Retail Strategy: Closing Apparel Stores, Focusing on Online Experience

In a recent announcement, Amazon confirmed that it will be closing its two brick-and-mortar apparel stores, marking a significant shift in the company’s physical retail strategy. This decision comes almost a year and a half after the opening of the first store, signaling Amazon’s evolving approach to the fashion industry and the growing emphasis on their online fashion shopping experience.

After careful consideration, Amazon has made the decision to close its two Amazon Style stores located in Columbus, Ohio, and Glendale, California, by November 9. Amazon spokesperson Kristen Kish expressed that this move allows the company to focus on their online fashion shopping experience, which aims to provide customers with new and exciting selections at great value. They are also introducing innovative technology to meet the evolving needs of their customers.

Amazon’s venture into physical retail has been met with mixed success. While the company had initially launched the concept in January 2022 and opened its Glendale store to the public in May 2022, they faced challenges in effectively cracking the physical retail space. To manage costs and streamline their physical footprint, Amazon had previously closed several retail chains, including Amazon Books, 4-star, and Pop Up stores. Additionally, they downsized warehouse space, discontinued unproven projects, and laid off around 27,000 employees.

Despite the closure of Amazon Style stores, the company emphasizes that physical retail remains an important part of their business. They will continue to invest in the growth of their grocery stores business, including Amazon Fresh, Whole Foods Market, Amazon Go, and third-party partnerships. In fact, Amazon has recently opened two redesigned Fresh grocery stores in Chicago, showcasing their commitment to revamping this part of their retail strategy.

Amazon is working closely with the employees affected by the closure of the Style stores. They are providing them with options to move to other roles within the company, ensuring that they have opportunities for continued employment. For employees who choose not to stay with Amazon, the company will offer severance packages to support their transition.

The decision to close the Amazon Style stores signifies a shift in Amazon’s retail strategy, prioritizing their online fashion shopping experience over brick-and-mortar locations. While the physical retail space poses challenges, particularly in the apparel sector, Amazon remains committed to their grocery stores business. As they continue to invest in innovative technology and enhance their online offerings, Amazon aims to meet the ever-changing needs of their customers and remain a dominant player in the retail industry.


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