The Dilemma of Draymond Green: Can the Warriors Tame His Behavior?

The Dilemma of Draymond Green: Can the Warriors Tame His Behavior?

The Golden State Warriors find themselves confronted with an arduous decision regarding forward Draymond Green, following his indefinite suspension for striking Phoenix’s Jusuf Nurkic in the face. Despite the disciplinary action, Warriors general manager Mike Dunleavy Jr. expressed the team’s unwavering commitment to Green. While the timeline for Green’s return remains uncertain, Dunleavy emphasized the significance of creating an environment that supports long-term change. However, the team admits they cannot guarantee a transformation in Green’s behavior and acknowledged the involvement of multiple parties in the process.

The NBA recently announced that Green’s suspension would be contingent upon him fulfilling “certain league and team conditions” before resuming play. The indefinite nature of the suspension aims to provide Green the opportunity to address his mental and emotional state adequately. Recognizing the need for intervention, NBA executive vice president Joe Dumars emphasized the importance of Green regaining stability and returning to peak performance. ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski reported that discussions would commence between Green, Dunleavy, and Green’s agent, Rich Paul, regarding potential counseling and support for the player.

Staying Connected Amidst Suspension

During the suspension period, Green will remain with the team, albeit not on a daily basis. The Warriors believe that keeping Green connected to the group offers greater benefits compared to isolating him. Although Green did not accompany the team to Los Angeles, the organization continues to emphasize his value on the court, rather than solely focusing on his behavioral issues. Dunleavy stressed the importance of Green’s availability moving forward and the need for him to remain on the floor to contribute effectively.

Green’s disciplinary history and subsequent absence have left the Warriors grappling with crucial roster decisions for the upcoming 15 to 20 games. The team acknowledges the impact of Green’s presence on the court but also recognizes the importance of evaluating how the team performs without him. As Golden State struggles with a 10-13 record, Green’s lack of availability becomes increasingly frustrating. Concerns linger regarding his ability to avoid further suspension once he returns, as the league has made it clear that previous incidents will lead to more severe punishment. Finding a balance between Green’s high-energy playstyle and the ability to regulate his reactions remains a challenge for the organization.

The Disappointment and the Need for Change

Despite Green’s significant contributions, disappointment envelops the Warriors due to his recurrent behavioral issues and inability to regulate his on-court reactions. The team’s failure to address previous incidents, such as Green’s punch against former teammate Jordan Poole, has weakened their ability to hold him accountable effectively. The organization confronts a pivotal moment where the negative consequences of Green’s actions outweigh his positive impact on the court. Dunleavy expresses hope that this suspension will serve as a turning point, prompting the necessary changes in Green’s career and personal life.

Dunleavy acknowledges the prevailing concern and perceives the current situation as an opportunity to shift the narrative surrounding Green. Rather than viewing it solely as a problem, the organization aspires to transform Green’s journey into one characterized by positive growth and development. With Green at a point in his career that demands self-reflection and corrective measures, the Warriors anticipate this suspension as the catalyst necessitating change.

The Golden State Warriors find themselves at a crossroads regarding Draymond Green’s behavior on and off the court. The indefinite suspension serves as a means to address his mental and emotional well-being, while the organization emphasizes their commitment to aiding his improvement. While the Warriors remain cognizant of the challenges ahead, they strive to turn this disciplinary action into an opportunity for personal and professional transformation.


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