The Chaotic Making of Y2K: A Deep Dive

The Chaotic Making of Y2K: A Deep Dive

The cast of A24’s Y2K, led by Rachel Zegler, opened up about the chaotic experience of filming a memorable scene where high school students escape by tumbling down a hill inside an overflowing porta potty. Zegler revealed that the concoction inside the porta potty was actually a mixture of hot chocolate and glycerin, giving off a surprisingly pleasant smell. The logistics of shooting such a scene proved to be quite confusing, with the porta potty being placed on its side and bouncing up and down. Zegler recalled how her co-star, Jaeden Martell, had to cover her ear during the scene, adding a layer of complexity to the already challenging shoot.

Writer and director Kyle Mooney shared his inspiration behind the film, citing a YouTube video where a friend watched a VHS tape survival guide for Y2K. This bizarre encounter sparked the idea of two kids attending a Y2K party on December 31, 1999, only for things to take a dark turn. The film is set against the backdrop of the 1990s, featuring references to cultural icons like Tipper Gore and the era of dial-up Internet. Mooney’s intention was to reimagine the Y2K hysteria in a more sinister light, deviating from the somewhat anticlimactic reality of the actual event.

The Birth of a Concept

Reflecting on the genesis of the film, Mooney described how a text exchange between him and co-writer Evan Winter on New Year’s Day, 2019, laid the foundation for Y2K. Following a night of celebration with friends, Mooney pitched the idea of a movie centered around the chaos of Y2K, which Winter enthusiastically embraced despite nursing a hangover. The film boasts a talented ensemble cast including Julian Dennison, Lachlan Watson, Daniel Zolghadri, Mason Gooding, and The Kid Laroi, with production credits shared by industry heavyweights like Jonah Hill and Matt Dines.

Y2K’s journey from concept to screen was a collaborative effort fueled by a shared vision among the cast and crew. Producers Alison Goodwin, Chris Storer, Cooper Wehde, and Evan Winer worked alongside Mooney and Winter to bring the film’s unique blend of dark comedy and nostalgia to life. The film’s success lies not only in its inventive premise but also in the dedication and passion of everyone involved in making Y2K a reality.

Y2K stands as a testament to the power of creative storytelling and the magic that can happen when talented individuals come together to push boundaries and defy expectations. The film’s unconventional narrative and offbeat humor promise to captivate audiences and spark conversations long after the credits roll.


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