The Call to Strip the Duke and Duchess of Sussex of Their Titles

The Call to Strip the Duke and Duchess of Sussex of Their Titles

In the midst of the royal racism row, a Tory MP, Bob Seely, has put forward a proposal to amend the law in order to strip the Duke and Duchess of Sussex of their titles. Seely is condemning what he describes as a “poisonously insidious” smear against senior members of the royal household and believes that updating wartime powers would provide a way for Harry and Meghan to be referred to as Mr and Mrs Sussex. This move, deemed the “nuclear option” by Seely, is fueled by his belief that if the couple continues to tarnish the institution that is an integral part of the nation’s life, they should not be allowed to retain their titles and privileges.

The allegation surrounding the concern expressed by the King and Princess of Wales about the potential skin color of Harry and Meghan’s son Archie resurfaced recently in the Dutch version of Omid Scobie’s book, Endgame. Buckingham Palace had dismissed the unsubstantiated claim as fiction when it first emerged two years ago, but its inclusion in the Dutch edition revived the controversy. The revelation made headlines worldwide and led to the book being pulled from shelves in the Netherlands due to an alleged “error.” Scobie, however, denies that it was a “publicity stunt” and maintains that he never submitted a version of the book containing the names of the royal couple.

To address these ongoing tensions and concerns, MP Bob Seely plans to introduce the Titles Deprivation 1917 Amendment Bill in Parliament. This bill would make adjustments to a law initially enacted during the First World War to strip enemy German nobles of their British titles. By removing references to “enemies” and “present war,” Seely’s proposed bill would allow for a vote in Parliament to advise the privy council to strip a member of the Royal Family of their titles. Seely emphasizes that his intention is not republicanism but rather a means to ensure that those who reject their royal status should not enjoy the titles and privileges associated with it.

Seely argues that if someone chooses not to be part of the royal family, their decision should be respected. However, they should not be allowed to retain the titles and privileges that come with their royal status while simultaneously disparaging the institution. According to sources close to the Sussexes, Harry and Meghan deny any involvement in the claims made in Scobie’s book. Nevertheless, Seely suspects that many people remain skeptical of these denials.

Among all the allegations made by Scobie, the use of race to smear the Royal Family is particularly insidious according to Seely. It carries a stigma that is challenging to disprove when false and is regarded as a catch-all slur of the modern era. Seely contends that these allegations contradict what is already known about the royals and their efforts to build bridges with ethnic minorities and individuals from Commonwealth nations. The late Queen and Prince Charles have demonstrated a commitment to inclusivity and have undertaken extraordinary work in fostering relationships with people from diverse backgrounds.

MP Bob Seely’s proposal to strip the Duke and Duchess of Sussex of their titles is a response to the ongoing controversy and allegations surrounding the royal racism row. Seely believes that preserving the integrity and respect associated with the institution of the monarchy is paramount. While Harry and Meghan deny any involvement in the claims made in Scobie’s book, the skepticism surrounding their denials persists. As the debate continues, it is crucial for the nation to find a way to move forward, with or without the royal titles in question.


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