The Battle for Public Opinion: AMPTP Hires Crisis-Management Specialists in Response to Writers Guild Strike

The Battle for Public Opinion: AMPTP Hires Crisis-Management Specialists in Response to Writers Guild Strike

In the midst of a grueling battle with the striking Writers Guild, the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP) found itself in dire need of damage control. Their recent proposal to the WGA resulted in a significant backlash and exposed the studios and streamers as out of touch and greedy. Desperate for better messaging and coordination, the AMPTP has enlisted the help of crisis-management specialists, the Levinson Group.

A Misread Room

The AMPTP’s missteps in handling the strike and the subsequent negative public perception have highlighted the need for strategic and nuanced communication. The release of their August 11 proposal was met with widespread criticism, leading to a public relations nightmare for the studios and streamers. It became evident that a more cohesive and compelling narrative was necessary to reframe the conversation and counter the negative portrayal of the industry.

The Levinson Group, a renowned strategic communications and issues management firm, has been tasked with helping the AMPTP regain control of the narrative. With offices in Washington D.C., NYC, and London, the firm brings a global perspective and a wealth of experience to the table. Led by Molly Levinson, a former journalist and political director, the firm has successfully handled high-profile cases such as the U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team’s pursuit of pay equity.

The Levinson Group first gained attention in 2017 when it debunked the fake news story of Pizzagate, a conspiracy theory that alleged a child sex ring operated out of a D.C. restaurant. Since then, the firm has established itself as a trusted advocate for truth and effective communication. Their ability to navigate sensitive and controversial issues will prove invaluable as they work with the AMPTP to address the concerns raised by the striking writers and actors.

Battling Public Opinion

The main challenge for the AMPTP lies in reshaping public opinion and presenting a more empathetic and reasonable image. The studios and streamers have been portrayed as profit-driven entities that neglect the needs of their creative workforce. The Levinson Group will help craft a narrative that highlights the studios’ commitment to fair compensation, addressing 21st-century challenges, and creating a sustainable industry for all stakeholders.

A Call for Unity

The writers and actors involved in the strike have employed various tactics to rally public support, from street demonstrations to social media campaigns. Their passionate pleas for better contracts and addressing key issues such as pay, residuals, and data transparency have resonated with many. The AMPTP, on the other hand, has lacked the agility and finesse to effectively respond to these demands. The involvement of the Levinson Group aims to bridge this gap and establish a unified message that appeals to not only industry insiders but also the wider public.

The Road Ahead

As negotiations continue behind closed doors, the importance of winning the battle for public opinion cannot be overstated. The success of the AMPTP’s efforts to regain control of the narrative will significantly impact the outcome of the strike. The Levinson Group’s expertise in crisis management and their track record of successfully handling complex issues make them an indispensable ally for the industry during this challenging time.

The AMPTP’s decision to bring in crisis-management specialists demonstrates their recognition of the need to address the public relations crisis caused by the WGA strike. The Levinson Group’s expertise in strategic communications and issues management provides a glimmer of hope for the studios and streamers. With cohesive messaging and effective storytelling, the AMPTP may be able to reshape public opinion and find common ground with the striking writers and actors. Only time will tell if this partnership will be the turning point in the battle for a fair and sustainable entertainment industry.


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