The 23rd Edition of Tribeca Festival to Take Place in 2024

The 23rd Edition of Tribeca Festival to Take Place in 2024

The Tribeca Festival, founded in 2001, has become a significant event in the entertainment industry calendar. This year, organizers announced that the 23rd edition of the festival will be held from June 5-16, 2024, in New York City. Notably, this festival isn’t just about films; it has evolved over the years to include television, immersive experiences, games, and audio storytelling. This diversification has been vital to its success and ensures that it remains at the forefront of cultural events.

Cara Cusumano, the newly promoted SVP of Programming, mentioned how the festival has changed with the industry. They have made conscious efforts to be more inclusive of all forms of storytelling, recognizing that art can take various shapes and forms. This evolution is necessary to keep up with the rapidly changing landscape of entertainment and cater to diverse audiences.

Jane Rosenthal, the CEO and co-founder of Tribeca, spoke about the festival’s role as a global platform for storytellers. The festival aims to showcase art that speaks with a purpose, reflecting the societal and cultural issues of our time. By providing a launchpad for the next generation of artists, the 23rd Tribeca Festival hopes to not only entertain but also challenge and provoke its audience.

The festival’s curation is a collaborative effort. Cara Cusumano, along with Artistic Director Frédéric Boyer, oversees the programming. They work with a team of dedicated individuals including Ben Thompson, the VP of Shorts Programming, and a group of Senior Programmers comprising Liza Domnitz, Faridah Gbadamosi, Jarod Neece, José F. Rodriguez, and Rodriguez, among others. This diverse group ensures that the festival remains multidimensional and offers a range of experiences to its attendees.

The festival also has dedicated programmers for specific disciplines such as Casey Baron, Jason Gutierrez, Jonathan Penner, and Madison Egan. They specialize in curating content for different sections of the festival, ensuring that every aspect receives the attention it deserves.

Last year’s Tribeca Festival received a record number of submissions, emphasizing its growing popularity and influence. The festival featured over 550 events across New York City, attracting more than 130,000 participants. Audiences witnessed world premieres of highly anticipated films such as “Bucky F*cking Dent,” “Cypher,” and “A Strange Path.” Furthermore, the festival hosted engaging Tribeca Talks with industry legends like Paul McCartney, David Fincher, and Chance the Rapper, providing unique insights into their creative processes. Live tapings of popular podcasts like “Pod Save America” and “Modern Love” offered attendees an opportunity to experience their favorite shows in person. Additionally, musical performances by French Montana and Cyndi Lauper added to the lively atmosphere of the festival.

If you are a filmmaker or storyteller interested in being a part of the 23rd Tribeca Festival, there are specific submission deadlines to keep in mind. Feature submissions must be made by October 23, 2023 (early deadline), November 27, 2023 (official deadline), or January 17, 2024 (extended deadline). Shorts submissions have similar deadlines: November 1, 2023 (early), December 15, 2023 (official), and February 2, 2024 (extended). Games and immersive projects should be submitted by November 27, 2023 (early), January 10, 2024 (official), or February 13, 2024 (extended). Finally, audio storytelling submissions close on November 27, 2023 (early), January 10, 2024 (official), or February 21, 2024 (extended). Tribeca X, a category dedicated to branded storytelling, has a submission deadline of March 13, 2024 (official).

The 23rd edition of the Tribeca Festival promises to be a groundbreaking cultural event that will redefine how audiences receive and react to entertainment. With its expanded scope, the festival aims to champion storytelling in all its forms. By embracing diverse voices and pushing the boundaries of traditional storytelling, Tribeca ensures that it remains a global platform for artistic expression. Aspiring filmmakers and storytellers should mark their calendars and submit their work to be a part of this exciting event in 2024.


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