Telegram Rolls Out New Update with Shareable Chat Folders and Custom Wallpapers

Telegram Rolls Out New Update with Shareable Chat Folders and Custom Wallpapers

Telegram has released an update for Android and iOS devices that includes several new features and improvements. The app now has shareable chat folders that users can share with their friends and colleagues by sending them a link to join the groups and channels. Additionally, Telegram has added custom wallpapers, UI improvements, and bots to its messaging platform.

With the new shareable chat link feature, users can create and share a link to the chat folders they want their friends or colleagues to join. Invitees can add the folder and join all its chats with just one tap. Each chat folder comes with multiple invite links with access to different chats. Users can name a chat folder according to the group’s purpose, such as Office/Work or Friends, similar to naming a chat group.

Telegram’s latest update also includes a new custom wallpaper feature that allows users to set specific wallpapers for particular chats. Once set, the other participant in the chat will also get notified to add the same wallpaper on their side.

Improved Bots and UI

Telegram’s latest update features improved bots with collaboration and multiplayer features for members. Bots can now use collectible usernames, including links without the -bot suffix. Additionally, the app has fast scrolling of attachments by scrolling down on the date bar and shows the read time for topic-enabled groups when a message has been read by group participants.

The app also has an improved user interface that allows users to create a group even without adding participants. Telegram’s latest update also includes new animation for profiles on newer iPhone models, which gets slid into the dynamic island when profiles and info pages are scrolled down.

In conclusion, Telegram’s latest update includes several new features and improvements that make the messaging platform more user-friendly and efficient. The new shareable chat folders, custom wallpapers, and improved bots are some of the highlights of the update. With these features, Telegram aims to provide a better user experience for its users.


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