Taxi Driver Contradicts Harry and Meghan’s Claims of “Near Catastrophic” Car Chase

Taxi Driver Contradicts Harry and Meghan’s Claims of “Near Catastrophic” Car Chase

Sukhcharn Singh, a taxi driver who transported the Duke and Duchess of Sussex through New York City during a car chase, has contradicted the couple’s claim that the situation was “near catastrophic.” Singh stated that the paparazzi followed the couple’s vehicle throughout their journey but said he didn’t agree with their assessment of the situation. Singh added that he never felt in danger and shrugged off suggestions that it was like a car chase from the movies.

Celebrity News Agency Disputes Harry and Meghan’s Version of Events

A celebrity news agency, Backgrid, that filmed Harry and Meghan up close, has also disputed the couple’s version of events. Backgrid stated that it was actually an SUV in the couple’s security detail that was driving recklessly. The agency received footage from four freelance photographers who had no intention of causing harm or distress. Several pictures showed Meghan smiling inside the taxi, and the photographers reported that there were no near-collisions or near-crashes during the incident.

New York Police Officers Downplay Incident

Two New York police officers have described the incident as “a bit chaotic” rather than “near catastrophic.” The Sussexes had been driven around 57th Street, FDR Drive, and nearby roads for about an hour and 15 minutes as they were followed by paparazzi before they were dropped off at the New York City Police Department’s 19th precinct. Officers said that the couple was being pursued by paparazzi who followed them aggressively and poorly.

Concerns Over Safety

New York’s mayor Eric Adams expressed concerns over public safety. He stated that two police officers could have been injured as they assisted Harry and Meghan’s private security team while their car was being followed. Adams added that public safety must always be at the forefront, and it would be horrific to lose innocent bystanders during a chase like this. Buckingham Palace and Kensington Palace have not commented publicly on the incident, and the Royal Family has not been in touch with Harry and Meghan since it occurred.


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