T Twilight Director Catherine Hardwicke Reveals Ideal Cast for Twilight Reboot

T Twilight Director Catherine Hardwicke Reveals Ideal Cast for Twilight Reboot

Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke recently sat down for an interview on the Watch-a-long podcast and discussed the possibility of a reboot of the beloved fantasy film. During the conversation, she shared her thoughts on who would be the perfect actors to portray Bella Swan and Edward Cullen, the iconic lead roles. Let’s delve into Hardwicke’s casting suggestions and her insights on the initial hesitation over casting Robert Pattinson.

According to Hardwicke, Jenna Ortega and Jacob Elordi would be the ideal choices to step into the shoes of Bella Swan and Edward Cullen. Hardwicke acknowledged Elordi’s talent, stating, “He probably would be Edward today.” She also expressed her admiration for Jenna Ortega, emphasizing her amazing acting skills. These casting choices would certainly bring a fresh and exciting dynamic to the Twilight story if a reboot were to happen.

During the interview, Hardwicke also revealed an interesting encounter with model Lewis Tan, who expressed his desire to play the role of Jacob Black, ultimately portrayed by Taylor Lautner. Hardwicke acknowledged that landing the role of Jacob Black would have been a life-changing opportunity for any actor. It’s fascinating to consider how the Twilight saga might have been different with Tan in the role of Jacob.

One of the most intriguing aspects of the interview was Hardwicke’s candid discussion of the studio’s initial hesitation to cast Robert Pattinson as Edward. She revealed that when Pattinson came to her house for the first time, his appearance did not match the character’s description. With black bangs and being out of shape from spending time at the pub, Pattinson wasn’t the obvious choice. However, Hardwicke saw beyond his initial appearance, recognizing that he had the potential to bring Edward to life on the screen.

Despite the studio’s skepticism, Hardwicke was determined to prove them wrong. She sent over “fun auditions” to showcase Pattinson’s talent and transform his look. After seeing the auditions, the studio asked if she could make him look good. Hardwicke confidently replied, “Yeah, I do. Did you see his cheekbones? We’re doing a makeover on the hair and everything, and he’s going to start working out, and he’s going to be gorgeous.” She had faith in Pattinson’s ability to embody Edward’s charm and allure, ensuring that he would captivate audiences with his performance.

Now, as fans eagerly await news of a possible Twilight reboot, Catherine Hardwicke’s casting suggestions of Jenna Ortega and Jacob Elordi add an exciting new dimension to the beloved story. The combination of these talented actors, along with Hardwicke’s directorial vision, could potentially breathe new life into the iconic characters of Bella Swan and Edward Cullen. Whether a reboot materializes or not, the Twilight saga will forever hold a special place in the hearts of fans around the world.


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