Sylvester Stallone Meets Pope Francis: A Surprising Fan Encounter

Sylvester Stallone Meets Pope Francis: A Surprising Fan Encounter

World-renowned actor Sylvester Stallone had a surprising meeting with Pope Francis during his visit to The Vatican on Friday, September 8th. The encounter, captured and shared on social media by Vatican News, revealed an unexpected revelation – the Pontiff is a huge fan of Stallone’s films. With his wife, daughters, and brother by his side, Stallone was introduced to Pope Francis in a moment that left the veteran actor both flattered and surprised.

As the meeting began, Stallone expressed his gratitude to the Pope for taking time out of his busy schedule. Pope Francis, with a smile on his face, responded by expressing his own honor, revealing that he had grown up watching Stallone’s films. This revelation left Stallone taken aback, but he quickly reciprocated the sentiment. The actor, known for iconic roles in movies such as Rocky and Rambo, playfully raised his fists and air-pumped, suggesting a friendly boxing match. To everyone’s surprise, the Pope joined in the joke and responded with a playful fake jab. The lighthearted moment created an atmosphere of camaraderie between the two.

An Unforgettable Photo for Posterity

Following their exchange, Stallone, Pope Francis, and the rest of the group gathered for a photo, which was also shared on Vatican News. The snapshot captured the memorable meeting and showcased the unity that can be found even in unexpected circumstances. The image serves as a reminder of the power of shared interests and the ability of celebrities, such as Stallone, to touch the lives of people across various backgrounds.

Sylvester Stallone’s career spans an impressive 55 years, beginning with his breakthrough role in the Oscar-winning film Rocky, where he not only portrayed the lead character but also wrote the screenplay. The actor’s journey from a troubled child in New York to becoming an influential figure in the film industry is explored in a new Netflix documentary titled “Sly.” Directed by Thom Zinny, the film offers viewers an intimate and unexpected glimpse into Stallone’s life and career. From the challenges he faced to his monumental successes with characters like Rocky and Rambo, the documentary promises to be a captivating exploration of Stallone’s resilience and talent. Enticingly, it is set to premiere on the closing night of the Toronto Film Festival and will be released to the public in November.

The encounter between Sylvester Stallone and Pope Francis at The Vatican was a delightful surprise for both fans of the actor and those familiar with the Pope’s down-to-earth nature. The mutual admiration and playful interaction between Stallone and the Pontiff serve as a reminder that shared passions can bridge even the most unexpected gaps. Stallone’s career, highlighted by iconic characters and a relentless pursuit of success, continues to inspire audiences worldwide, and the upcoming documentary “Sly” promises to shed light on the lesser-known aspects of his extraordinary journey.


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