Sia Reveals Autism Diagnosis and Journey to Self-Acceptance

Sia Reveals Autism Diagnosis and Journey to Self-Acceptance

Sia, the popular singer, has recently revealed that she has been diagnosed with autism. She disclosed this during a recent appearance on the podcast, Rob Has a Podcast. Sia has been in the music industry for 45 years and only in the last two years has she become fully herself. She said that being on the spectrum has contributed to her journey to self-acceptance.

Sia Discusses Recovery and Self-Acceptance

Sia talked about her recovery process and how it has helped her to accept herself. She said that it is important to share secrets and not live in shame. Sharing secrets with others can create a sense of community and understanding. Sia emphasized that when people feel seen and understood, they can start operating as humans. Sia has struggled with self-acceptance and her diagnosis has been an important step in her journey.

Sia Apologizes for Autism Controversy in Film

Sia’s film, Music, was criticized for casting a neurotypical actress to portray a character with autism. The film also showed scenes where the character is restrained. Sia later apologized for this and removed the scenes from the movie. The controversy sparked a conversation about representation and the importance of casting actors with disabilities for roles that represent their community.

Sia Awards Contestant for Embracing Quirky Personality

Sia connected with a Survivor contestant, Carolyn Wiger, who embraced her quirky personality. This interaction prompted Sia to talk about her own personality and her medical diagnosis. Sia awarded Wiger with $100,000 from her own funds, which is something she has done in the past.

Sia’s recent revelation about being on the autism spectrum has shed light on the importance of self-acceptance and sharing one’s experiences with others. Her journey to self-acceptance can inspire others to embrace their quirks and seek support. The controversy surrounding her film, Music, has also highlighted the need for accurate representation of disability in media. Sia’s openness about her diagnosis is a step towards breaking down stigmas surrounding autism and other disabilities.


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