Russia launches missile attack on Ukraine’s capital Kyiv and surrounding regions

Russia launches missile attack on Ukraine’s capital Kyiv and surrounding regions

A recent escalation in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine has seen Russia launch a missile attack on Ukraine’s capital Kyiv and the surrounding region. This marks the first missile attack in over seven weeks and has raised concerns about further assaults in the devastated town of Avdiivka. Ukrainian officials reported that not only did they repel the missile attack on Kyiv, but they also successfully shot down 19 Iranian-made “Shahed” drones launched by Russian forces.

Serhiy Popko, the head of the Kyiv city military administration, revealed that a Russian ballistic missile was launched toward the capital at approximately 8 a.m. The missile, however, failed to reach Kyiv as the air defenses intercepted and shot it down before any casualties or significant damage occurred. Although five private houses and several commercial buildings in the central Kyiv region were damaged, the situation could have been much worse.

The east and south of Ukraine were also pounded with drones, with Ukrainian air defense successfully shooting down 19 out of 31 “Shahed” drones launched by the Russian forces. Ukrainian intelligence official Andriy Yusov expressed concern about the increasing number of air alerts in recent days, indicating that this combined attack may not be the last. The situation has put the region on high alert, with Ukrainian forces anticipating further assaults, particularly in Avdiivka, a town that has been under intense fire since mid-October.

The tensions at the Ukrainian-Russian border continue to escalate. Ukrainian border guards managed to retake a village in the northeast neighboring the Russian border, signaling a potential shift in control. Online videos from the Kharkiv region showed border guards raising the Ukrainian flag in Topoli village, although the reason behind it remains unclear. Additionally, prosecutors in the northern Sumy region reported the deaths of two people when Russian forces shelled a road.

Avdiivka, the devastated town in eastern Ukraine, has become a major focal point in the conflict. Ukrainian military spokesperson Oleskandr Shtupun revealed that Ukrainian troops had successfully repelled 35 Russian assaults in and near Avdiivka. Approximately 70 percent of the airstrikes in the east and south of the country have targeted Avdiivka in recent months. The ongoing shelling and heavy rain have left the city in ruins, prompting increasing numbers of the remaining residents to prepare for evacuation.

The Black Sea port of Odesa has not been spared in the recent escalation. Regional governor Oleh Kiper reported that the southern region was attacked with missiles and drones, resulting in injuries to three people and damage to port infrastructure facilities. This attack on Odesa comes in the wake of Russia intensifying bombardments on Ukraine’s ports and grain infrastructure, following its withdrawal from a deal allowing for exports from Ukrainian ports.

The recent missile attack on Kyiv and the continued assaults on various regions of Ukraine have further strained the already tense situation between Russia and Ukraine. Despite Ukrainian forces successfully repelling the attacks and shooting down drones, the ongoing conflict threatens the stability and security of the region. As the battles rage on, it is crucial for both sides to seek a peaceful resolution to avoid further loss of life and damage to infrastructure. The international community must also play a role in facilitating negotiations and finding a diplomatic solution to this crisis.


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