Russell Crowe Almost Quit Gladiator Due to Poor Script

Russell Crowe Almost Quit Gladiator Due to Poor Script

Russell Crowe has spoken out about his involvement in the 2000 film Gladiator, revealing that he almost walked away from the Ridley Scott-directed movie due to the poor script. Despite being confident in his abilities as a leading man, Crowe was apprehensive about the world around him in the film.

Crowe’s Frustrations with the Script

The actor went on to explain that at the core of the film was a great concept, but the script was “rubbish” with “strange sequences” that wouldn’t resonate with modern audiences. He cited an example of a storyline about chariots and gladiators having endorsement deals with olive oil products. Crowe found the energy around the project to be “very fractured.”

Crowe’s Decision to Stay with the Film

Despite contemplating leaving the project, Crowe decided to continue working on Gladiator due to his conversations with Ridley Scott, who promised that they wouldn’t film anything that Crowe didn’t believe in 100%. They agreed on 21 pages of script before filming began, and by the time they reached Morocco for the second location, they had used up all those pages. Crowe went on to win an Oscar for his role in the film.

With a sequel to Gladiator set to be released in 2024, Crowe has expressed feelings of jealousy at not being part of the project. He called the original film a “huge experience” that changed his life and career. Despite his initial misgivings, Gladiator went on to become a hugely successful film with a lasting impact on the film industry.


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