Red Sox Overcome Early Season Struggles and Injuries to Find Success

Red Sox Overcome Early Season Struggles and Injuries to Find Success

Boston Red Sox outfielder Rob Refsnyder was surprised to find himself hitting in the 3-hole, a spot typically reserved for a team’s best hitter, in the early days of the 2023 season. But with injuries to key players like Adam Duvall, Trevor Story, and Adalberto Mondesi, as well as the offseason departure of Xander Bogaerts, Refsnyder and other players had to step up to fill the gaps. Negative attention from fans and media brought down the mood in the clubhouse, but veteran infielder Justin Turner stepped in to remind the team to enjoy their victories.

Key Players and Strategies for Success

Despite a rocky start to the season, the Red Sox have found success in recent weeks thanks to several key players and strategies. Masataka Yoshida has overcome early struggles to become a catalyst in the middle of the order, while Alex Verdugo has shown improvement both offensively and defensively. Veteran leader Justin Turner has also provided steady production as the team’s designated hitter. The bullpen has been reliable overall, but some cracks are beginning to show with injuries and shaky performances from certain players. The team’s dependability throughout the season will be critical to their success.


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