Perseverance Pays Off: Chris Pratt Shares His Marvel Audition Struggles

Perseverance Pays Off: Chris Pratt Shares His Marvel Audition Struggles

Chris Pratt, the lead actor in the Guardians of the Galaxy trilogy, shared his experience of being repeatedly rejected during Marvel auditions before finally landing the role of Star-Lord. Pratt admitted that he had auditioned for every Marvel film that required someone of his appearance, but he had failed to get the part every time. Pratt even went as far as vowing never to try out for Marvel again after receiving negative feedback on his performance.

During his appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Pratt opened up about his humiliating experience. He revealed that he had auditions for a Marvel role, not as Thor, but as one of the sidekick characters. However, he did not receive a callback. Pratt explained that he typically received feedback from casting directors, but on that occasion, the feedback was negative. He received a comment that implied he overacted and should dial it back.

Despite his initial struggles, Pratt did not give up. He continued to audition for every Marvel film that came out, hoping for a chance to get his big break.

Perseverance Pays Off

Pratt’s perseverance finally paid off when director James Gunn was urged to see him during casting for the 2014 original film. The initial audition did not go well, but Gunn worked with Pratt to smooth out the rough edges. Eventually, Pratt landed the role of Star-Lord. This role led to starring in all three Guardians of the Galaxy films and cameo appearances in other Marvel movies.

Pratt’s story shows that perseverance pays off, and one should never give up on their dreams. He continued to audition despite being rejected multiple times and eventually landed a role that turned his career around. Pratt’s story is an inspiration to all those who may be struggling to achieve their goals.

As the release of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 approaches, fans eagerly await Pratt’s return as Star-Lord. His journey to stardom from humble beginnings is sure to inspire people to keep pushing through their struggles and never give up on their dreams.


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