OnePlus and Realme Cease Production and Sale of Smart TVs in India

OnePlus and Realme Cease Production and Sale of Smart TVs in India

OnePlus and Realme, two Chinese smartphone makers, have reportedly made the decision to stop the production and sale of their smart TVs in India. While the exact reason behind this move is still unclear, industry sources have provided some insights. However, both OnePlus and Realme have yet to confirm or deny these reports, so it is best to approach the news with caution.

According to a report by ET Telecom, the increasing demand for streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Disney+ Hotstar in India has helped boost the demand for smart TVs. In response to this trend, both OnePlus and Realme had listed their TVs for sale during the recent Amazon and Flipkart festive sales. This move seemed to be in line with the growing market for smart TVs in the country.

The news of OnePlus and Realme exiting the television category in India comes as a surprise, considering their success in the smart TV sector. OnePlus, in particular, was identified as one of the fastest-growing smart TV brands in 2022, according to a Counterpoint Research study. On the other hand, Xiaomi, another Chinese smart device maker, led the smart TV market in India during the same year.

Despite these claims, it is important to note that neither OnePlus nor Realme has officially acknowledged or refuted the reports. As of now, OnePlus smart TVs are still available for purchase in India through various online platforms and the company’s official website. This suggests that the rumors of their exit from the smart TV market may not be entirely accurate.

If the reports are indeed true, the decision to halt production and sales of smart TVs could have significant implications for OnePlus and Realme. With the growing popularity of smart TVs in India, exiting this market segment could result in missed business opportunities for the two companies. However, it is worth noting that both OnePlus and Realme will continue to focus on smartphone production in the country, signaling their confidence in that particular market.

OnePlus and Realme’s alleged decision to discontinue their smart TVs in India is an unexpected development. The increasing demand for streaming services in the country has contributed to the growth of the smart TV market, making it a promising segment for Chinese smartphone makers. While OnePlus and Realme have yet to confirm or refute these reports, their continued presence in the smartphone market reflects their confidence in the sector. It remains to be seen how this decision will impact their overall business strategies and market position in India.


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