New Record Set by Disney+ Hotstar during India vs New Zealand Semi-Finals

New Record Set by Disney+ Hotstar during India vs New Zealand Semi-Finals

Disney+ Hotstar achieved another milestone during the India vs New Zealand match in the World Cup 2023 campaign. With a new viewership record, the live concurrent users crossed the 50 million mark, surpassing the previous record set in the campaign. This article will explore the significance of this achievement and the factors contributing to Disney+ Hotstar’s success.

The India vs New Zealand Semi-Finals match attracted a staggering 50 million live concurrent viewers, breaking the previous record of 4.3 crore viewers set during this year’s ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup. This feat exemplifies the immense popularity of cricket in India and the growing influence of streaming platforms like Disney+ Hotstar.

One contributing factor to this record-breaking viewership is Disney+ Hotstar’s decision to stream the World Cup for free in an ad-supported format. Following the success of JioCinema, which offered free streaming of the Indian Premier League earlier this year, Disney+ Hotstar embraced a similar strategy. By making the matches accessible to a wider audience, they effectively tapped into the potential of a massive cricket-loving population.

The streaming industry in India has become highly competitive, with platforms vying for user attention and engagement. Recognizing the value of exclusive sports content, Disney+ Hotstar strategically secured the streaming rights for the World Cup. This move not only attracted millions of viewers but also helped them gain an edge over their competitors.

The viewership record set by Disney+ Hotstar during the India vs New Zealand match demonstrates the platform’s ability to engage a massive audience. As live streaming continues to grow in popularity, it is likely that more records will be broken in the future. This opens up opportunities for streaming platforms to explore innovative approaches and capture the attention of sports enthusiasts.

Disney+ Hotstar’s achievement of crossing 50 million live concurrent viewers during the India vs New Zealand Semi-Finals match is a testament to the platform’s success and the immense popularity of cricket in India. By offering free streaming of the World Cup, they attracted a significant number of viewers and solidified their position in the streaming industry. As the landscape continues to evolve, it will be exciting to see how other platforms adapt and compete to engage the ever-growing audience of sports enthusiasts.


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