New Government Support for Flood-hit Areas After Storm Henk

New Government Support for Flood-hit Areas After Storm Henk

Areas in England that have been severely affected by localized flooding after Storm Henk will now have access to financial support from the government to aid in recovery and repair work. The recent floodings have caused significant damage, with over 1,800 properties being flooded due to saturated ground. The Environment Agency (EA) has emphasized the importance of remaining vigilant and has urged affected communities to take necessary precautions.

Households that have been impacted by the flooding will be eligible to receive £500 in cash to assist with immediate costs. This financial support aims to alleviate the immediate financial burden faced by those affected. The government recognizes the need for quick and efficient assistance during these difficult times.

Continued Impact and Elevated Rivers

The impact of high water levels is expected to persist over the next five days. Many rivers will remain elevated, according to the EA. As of now, there are 190 flood warnings and 210 flood alerts in England. Forecasters predict significant flooding in parts of the Midlands, Lincolnshire, and along the River Thames. The situation is further compounded by the arrival of cold weather, with temperatures set to drop close to zero in many parts of the UK.

The Met Office has revealed that several rivers in England are at exceptionally high levels, with some reaching their highest flow ever recorded. The Trent River, for instance, is experiencing the highest levels in the past 24 years. In light of this, Nottinghamshire County Council has issued evacuation warnings to residents in 10 areas, urging them to consider leaving their homes due to the increased risk of flooding.

The recent floods have caused significant devastation and personal loss for many individuals. David Walters, who worked tirelessly to develop his caravan park, described the damage as “heartbreaking.” His business, Cresslands Touring Park, was left completely soaked, and a borehole supplying water to the site was also damaged. Similarly, John Howell, a resident of Torksey, lost everything when his static caravan was flooded. Recounting his experience, he expressed his decision not to return, as his home and possessions were irreparably damaged.

Flood Recovery Framework

The government aims to provide much-needed financial assistance through the Flood Recovery Framework, a scheme specifically designed to support councils and communities in exceptional circumstances. Communities Secretary Michael Gove assured those affected that they would not have to face the challenges alone and emphasized the government’s commitment to a speedy recovery.

Available Support

The financial support offered by the government extends beyond immediate cash assistance. Significantly affected households and businesses will qualify for 100% council tax and business rates relief for at least three months. Small and medium-sized businesses in eligible areas can apply for up to £2,500 from the Business Recovery Grant to help them resume operations. Property owners who have been affected by the floods can also apply for up to £5,000 through the Property Flood Resilience Repair Grant Scheme to make their homes and businesses more resilient to future flooding. Additionally, farmers who have experienced uninsurable damage to their land can seek grants of up to £25,000 through the Farming Recovery Fund to cover repair and reinstatement costs.

Cold Weather Alert and Potential Impacts

The UK Health Security Agency has issued a cold weather alert warning, which will remain in place until January 12. With temperatures dropping below freezing, icy conditions pose increased risks, especially for vulnerable individuals. However, there is some hope that river levels will begin to subside as rainfall eases. The agency advises caution due to the likelihood of widespread frosts caused by the damp ground conditions.

The recent flooding caused by Storm Henk has resulted in significant damage and loss for many communities in England. The government’s provision of financial support aims to aid in the recovery process and help affected individuals and businesses rebuild their lives. It is crucial for both the government and communities to work together to minimize the impact of such natural disasters and promote resilience in the face of future challenges.


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