Microsoft Partners with Suno to Bring AI-Powered Music Creation to Copilot

Microsoft Partners with Suno to Bring AI-Powered Music Creation to Copilot

Microsoft has recently announced a significant partnership with Suno to introduce AI-powered music creation capabilities to its popular AI assistant, Copilot. This collaboration aims to provide Copilot users with personalized song creation features using prompts and AI technology.

Microsoft Copilot has undergone various enhancements driven by AI technologies in the recent past. In a move to consolidate its AI services, including the Bing Chat AI chatbot, Microsoft introduced the Copilot AI companion. Copilot aims to centralize these services and provide users with a unified experience.

As part of the partnership with Suno, Microsoft Copilot users will now have access to the Suno plugin, which enables them to generate complete songs from a single sentence. The plugin utilizes AI algorithms to create songs with lyrics, instrumentals, and vocals. Notably, users do not require any musical knowledge to utilize this feature effectively.

To enable Suno on Microsoft Copilot, users can visit and sign in to their Microsoft account. Once logged in, they can toggle on the Suno plugin or click on the Suno logo that says, “Make music with Suno.” Users can then utilize prompts to specify the genre and theme of the song they wish to create.

The Suno plugin for Microsoft Copilot has started rolling out to select users and is expected to be available widely in the coming weeks. Microsoft has been actively updating Copilot, and in a recent announcement, they showcased upcoming features for the AI chatbot. Copilot will soon integrate OpenAI’s latest model, GPT-4 Turbo, allowing it to handle more complex and lengthier tasks. Additionally, Copilot will incorporate the new DALL-E 3 model for image generation, enhancing its ability to generate richer images based on user prompts.

Microsoft took a significant step towards integrating Copilot into its ecosystem by including it in a Windows 11 update. This integration brings the AI chatbot directly into the operating system, providing a seamless and convenient experience for Windows 11 users. Furthermore, Microsoft also introduced updates to the MS Paint app, adding support for layers and graphics generation. The screenshotting app, Snipping Tool, also received AI-based features such as text extraction and redaction.

With the partnership between Microsoft and Suno, Copilot users now have the ability to create personalized songs effortlessly. The Suno plugin utilizes AI algorithms to generate complete songs based on single prompts, ensuring that users with no musical knowledge can craft their own music. Microsoft’s continuous updates and collaborations highlight their commitment to enhancing the capabilities of Copilot and providing users with an enriched AI experience. As the rollout of the Suno plugin progresses, Copilot users can look forward to exploring and leveraging this innovative music creation feature.


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