Matthew Vaughn Teases Reboot of Kick-Ass Film Franchise

Matthew Vaughn Teases Reboot of Kick-Ass Film Franchise

Director Matthew Vaughn has recently announced plans for a reboot of the beloved Kick-Ass film franchise. In a panel at New York Comic Con, Vaughn revealed that none of the previous actors will be returning for the reboot. However, he also left the door open for their potential involvement in future installments. This news has sparked a great deal of excitement and speculation among fans of the franchise.

Kick-Ass, released in 2010, was a groundbreaking film that revolutionized the superhero genre. Directed by Vaughn and based on the comic book created by Mark Millar and John Romita Jr., it introduced audiences to a new kind of superhero – one that was gritty, relatable, and edgy. The first installment featured a talented cast including Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Chloë Grace Moretz, Mark Strong, and Nicolas Cage.

In his announcement, Vaughn mentioned that the new Kick-Ass film would be a “reboot.” This suggests that the story will take a fresh and innovative approach, departing from the narrative and characters of the original films. While details about the reboot are scarce, Vaughn assures fans that it will be a fun and exciting experience. Although he cannot provide too many specifics at this time, Vaughn’s words have sparked anticipation for what is to come.

While the original cast will not be returning for the reboot, Vaughn expressed his interest in bringing them back for future installments. This indicates that the reboot may serve as a launching point for a new era of the Kick-Ass franchise, with the possibility of familiar faces making their return down the line. Additionally, Vaughn hinted that Patience Lee, the African-American single mother from the comics, could take center stage in the new film. This represents a significant departure from the previous protagonist, offering a fresh perspective and story for audiences to explore.

During the same panel, Vaughn was also asked about the future of the Kingsman film franchise. He confirmed that the series was far from over, implying that there are more stories to be told in the world of Kingsman. With this revelation, fans of both Kick-Ass and Kingsman have reason to celebrate, as there are exciting developments on the horizon for these beloved franchises.

Matthew Vaughn’s announcement of a Kick-Ass reboot has generated buzz among fans of the series. With the promise of a fresh take on the superhero genre and the potential return of beloved characters in future installments, audiences can look forward to thrilling new adventures in the Kick-Ass universe. Additionally, Vaughn’s reassurance that the Kingsman franchise is not over hints at even more exciting developments to come. As fans eagerly await further details, one thing is clear – the future of Kick-Ass and Kingsman looks brighter than ever before.


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