Major Studios Hope Tiktok Ban Never Happens

Major Studios Hope Tiktok Ban Never Happens

Digital and social media marketing executives of major studios expressed hope that the threat of a U.S. government ban on Tiktok never comes to fruition, as the platform has become crucial to launching films. Alex Sanger, EVP of Digital Marketing at Universal Pictures, stated that he does not believe Tiktok will disappear anytime soon in the U.S. since it has been a viable platform for every one of their films. During the pandemic, the platform became even more important, and it continues to be so. Sanger cited the trailer for M3GAN and its creepy dancing doll as an example of a campaign that went viral on Tiktok.

Other Solutions If Tiktok Vanishes

In the unlikely event that Tiktok disappears, other platforms such as YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels, and Snapchat’s Spotlight offer alternatives that could reap huge rewards. These platforms have similar functionalities to Tiktok and could fill the void left by its absence.

The Importance of Twitter for Hollywood

Twitter is also a key platform for Hollywood, with executives stating that it provides a finger on the pulse of what audiences are saying. However, Twitter has become complicated due to changes in their service and products, and there are concerns regarding brand safety issues and confusion around checkmarks. Despite these concerns, Twitter remains a real-time conversation platform and is where studios feel closest to their audience. Danielle Bekas, Co-Executive Vice President of International Marketing at Warner Bros. Pictures, stated that when a film is trending on Twitter, “you know that there’s some heat.”

In conclusion, Tiktok and Twitter remain essential platforms for Hollywood, and studios are hopeful that the threat of a Tiktok ban never materializes. However, they are prepared to explore other platforms should the need arise.


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