LG and Meta Announce Strategic Collaboration for XR Devices and Technologies

LG and Meta Announce Strategic Collaboration for XR Devices and Technologies

LG and Meta have recently revealed a strategic collaboration aimed at advancing extended reality (XR) devices and technologies. This partnership marks a significant step forward in the development of VR and AR experiences, with both companies pooling their resources and expertise to create innovative mixed-reality capable devices. This collaboration comes at a time when the demand for immersive technologies is on the rise, and both LG and Meta are looking to capitalize on this trend.

The partnership between LG and Meta involves the integration of Meta’s platform with LG’s content and service capabilities from its TV business. By combining Meta’s core technological elements with LG’s product and quality capabilities, the two companies hope to achieve significant synergies in the development of next-generation XR devices. Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg met with LG Electronics CEO William Cho and President of Home Entertainment, Park Hyoung-sei, to discuss business strategies and considerations for the development of new XR devices. During the meeting, LG’s leadership had the opportunity to try out Meta’s latest VR and AR headsets, including the Meta Quest 3 and Meta Ray-Ban smart glasses.

Reports suggest that LG and Meta have been collaborating on the development of the Meta Quest Pro 2, a mixed reality headset expected to be launched in 2025. The details of the partnership are still unclear, and it remains to be seen whether the two companies will work together to create co-branded devices or develop separate products. However, it is evident that LG will leverage Meta’s core technology while Meta benefits from LG’s hardware and product development expertise.

Mark Zuckerberg’s visit to South Korea is part of a larger tour of Asia, where he is expected to meet with technology leaders and government officials. This marks Zuckerberg’s first visit to South Korea in a decade, highlighting the importance of the region in Meta’s global strategy. In addition to discussing the partnership with LG, Zuckerberg is also set to engage with President Yoon Suk Yeol and other key figures in the technology space during his stay. His trip to Japan and India underscores Meta’s commitment to expanding its presence in the Asian market and forging strategic partnerships with regional players.

The collaboration between LG and Meta represents a significant milestone in the development of XR devices and technologies. By combining their respective strengths and expertise, the two companies aim to create a new ecosystem in the XR domain and deliver cutting-edge products to consumers. As the demand for immersive experiences continues to grow, partnerships like this will play a crucial role in shaping the future of extended reality. Stay tuned for more updates on the LG-Meta collaboration and the launch of new XR devices in the coming years.


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