John Travolta Shares Near-Death Experience That Inspired New Film

John Travolta Shares Near-Death Experience That Inspired New Film

John Travolta, renowned actor and aviation enthusiast, recently revealed that his new film, The Shepherd, was inspired by a harrowing near-death experience he encountered. During a talk in London, Travolta explained how the incident gave him a unique perspective on the story adapted from Frederick Forsyth’s novella.

Travolta narrated that he had suffered a total electrical failure in a corporate jet while flying over Washington DC. In that moment, he had no instruments, no electrical power, and yet he had to navigate through the skies with his family on board. The actor described the sheer terror he felt, genuinely believing that it could be their final moments. This intense feeling of despair resonated deeply with Travolta as he read the book for The Shepherd.

Life Imitating Art

As Travolta delved into the pages of Forsyth’s book, he realized the uncanny parallels between the protagonist’s plight and his own near-death experience. The story of a young pilot facing grave difficulties mirrored the harrowing moment when Travolta thought he was going to die. The actor acknowledged the incredible connection between his personal encounter and the role he would go on to portray in the film.

Travolta confessed that he had initially dreamed of adapting The Shepherd thirty years ago, envisioning himself as the young pilot hero. However, it wasn’t until recently that the opportunity finally presented itself. The passage of time brought new depth and understanding to the role of the shepherd, which Travolta now portrays with great passion.

Filming in the UK

The Shepherd, a film based on Frederick Forsyth’s novella, was predominantly shot in the United Kingdom. Travolta, along with the rest of the cast and crew, embraced the British landscape and culture, adding another layer of authenticity to the project. Travolta expressed his gratitude for being able to bring the story to life in such a remarkable location.

An Emotional and Personal Journey

For John Travolta, The Shepherd transcends being just another film project. It became a deeply personal and emotional journey that allowed him to confront the fear and vulnerability he experienced during his own near-death encounter. Through his compelling performance, Travolta hopes to capture the essence of despair, resilience, and the indomitable human spirit.

John Travolta’s near-death experience served as the catalyst for his involvement in The Shepherd. The parallels he found between his own terrifying ordeal and the story’s protagonist brought a profound understanding to the role he portrays. With his passion for aviation and the craft of acting, Travolta brings a unique authenticity to the film. The Shepherd is not just another project; it is a personal journey that highlights the resilience and strength of the human spirit.


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