James Madison Abandons Legal Action Against NCAA for Bowl Eligibility

James Madison Abandons Legal Action Against NCAA for Bowl Eligibility

James Madison University has decided against pursuing legal action against the NCAA for being denied bowl eligibility, according to a recent statement. The school’s request for a postseason waiver was rejected by the NCAA last week due to the transition from FCS to FBS. Initially, Virginia Attorney General Jason Miyares had threatened legal action, denouncing the decision as an injustice that should not be tolerated.

Unfortunately, James Madison’s hopes for a perfect season were dashed by a 26-23 loss to Appalachian State. As a result, the school has reconsidered its legal options, stating that the loss has altered the nature and timing of their pursuit against the NCAA. The university consulted with Attorney General Miyares, their legal team, and outside counsel after the game, and the consensus was that immediate legal action was not a viable solution.

The primary goal for James Madison at this point is to secure a spot in a bowl game. The school acknowledged that there is still a strong possibility of receiving an invitation. While they remain open to pursuing legal action in the future if necessary, it was concluded that it would not be sensible to proceed at this juncture. Instead, their attention is directed towards ensuring the football team’s participation in a bowl game.

James Madison and Jacksonville State, both in their second FBS season, may still have an opportunity to play in a bowl game. Currently, 70 teams have secured at least six wins, making them bowl-eligible. Additionally, 24 teams with five wins could also attain bowl eligibility with a victory. If there is a shortage of bowl-eligible teams to fill the available 82 spots, James Madison and Jacksonville State could potentially earn bowl invitations.

James Madison University has made the decision to cease its pursuit of legal action against the NCAA for bowl eligibility. While initially considering the possibility of legal intervention, the school has shifted its focus towards securing a bowl game invitation. They are hopeful that a successful season and limited availability of bowl-eligible teams will work in their favor. Contemplating their legal options for the future, James Madison is determined to exhaust all possible avenues to ensure their football team’s participation in a bowl game.


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